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  1. davjbeas


    How did the Vibrant work out?
  2. davjbeas

    ID Please! Strange Tube thing

    The tube does look like vermetid snails to me. They are harmless but annoy corals nearby when feeding.
  3. davjbeas

    David's Sr-80 reef

    All my photobucket pics are online again
  4. davjbeas

    David's Sr-80 reef

    Will post update pics soon
  5. davjbeas

    Need help, blue reef chromis sick?

    It looks dead. I would remove the dead fish before it pollutes the water. If it is not dead it looks like it soon will be. Sorry for your fish dying.
  6. davjbeas

    Recommendation on reliable dosers?

    definitely litremeter 3
  7. davjbeas

    Buying fish

    Where are you located?
  8. davjbeas

    Neto's 22g v2 Reboot Update

    I just bought some ESV salt because I was inspired by your tank. I was using reef crystals. I did some research reading reviews and such. Everything I saw was it was a very good quality 4 part mix.
  9. davjbeas

    folks who have sand... how deep is it?

    2" araganite special grade reef sand
  10. davjbeas

    tang police

    I have a Kole tang in an 80 gallon. He is one of two fishes, the other is a mystery wrasse. I don't think think he has grown a half inch since I got him.
  11. davjbeas

    Local fish stores

    Blue Ribbon Koi http://www.blueribbonkoi.com/
  12. davjbeas

    Scientific Proof for running carbon?

    If you are running a canister filter or reactor I would guess 2 weeks to a month. Depends how dirty the water is. The carbon is exhausted when it has absorbed a certain amount of waste. I have heard that it continues to remove trace elements after it is exhausted but I don't have a way to confirm that. I believe you will remove the toxic material that corals produced when they fight another coral. That's my opinion. It will also clear the water so light should penetrate further and brighter. the change in light penetration could stress some corals.
  13. davjbeas

    David's Sr-80 reef

    Things are coming along great. I had to use some red sea Aptasia-x on a couple of tiny aptasia. The worst of my problems are vermetid snails. But they are not so bad. All the LPS and soft corals are continuing to grow. I have only a couple of SPS. I lost some small heads of rainbow frogspawn to vermetid snails. I don't dose anything and do a water change once a month or so. I change out the filter socks every week and clean the skimmer cup at the same time. I use the mag float with the razor attachment to clean the glass. I don't have any cyano or algae issues. No bubble algae or hair algae. No cyanobacteria outbreaks. I feed every day rods reef food frozen food. I am not able to add any fish or shrimp or clam. I blame it on the fishes I have which are a mystery wrasse and a kole tang. There is no point of buying a shrimp or fish where there is little hope of survival. I need to get some newer pics up. David
  14. Is there a dip for Vermetid snails?