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  1. Hi! Do you still have the calcium reactor? Ours exploded!Please email me at btdewitt@cox.net
  2. has not set their status

  3. Bob and I are going up on Friday and staying until Sunday. No one told me I had to shave my legs!!! Someone told me there is a pretty good aquarium in town.... Tamie
  4. We have had a rock full for several years. We squirt some food at them when we are filtering feeding and then walk away for a while. When they open up we can spray the food right at them. We use a long piece of hard tubing with one of those baby snot-sucker balls on the end (can buy at the local drug store). We use a combination of frozen mysis, rotifers, enriched brine, golden pearls, phyto and lovely filter feeder food made at the WAMAS Club get-togethers. Bob and Tamie
  5. About three months ago we picked up a used Pepsi Cola concentrate drum to store tank water at the flowerseller's Frag Fest party in McLean. After washing it out many times it still smells like soda. Since one of the main ingredients of Pepsi is phosphoric acid, which IS hydrogen phosphate, I was wondering if anyone else who got bought one has used it yet, and if there was any problem with algae or cyano blooms? How do you get the smell out of it or more impotantly, any residue of its previous contents? Cowrie
  6. We would like to have all the reflectors. ANYONE OUT THAT WAY COMING TO THE MEETING ON THE 9th THAT CAN BRING THEM?!?! Bob and Tamie
  7. We'll take the reflectors. Pick up at the meeting in August. Bob & Tamie
  8. We PM'd you about the reflectors! Bob and Tamie
  9. This can't be the same tank that just won Tank of the Month, is it?!?! If you did not see it actually spawn, how do you know it is the carpet? Do you need to run carbon? Good save! Bob and Tamie
  10. Bob and Tamie are coming!!!
  11. So, 11am May 7 at Eddi's, right? We can bring our rockfish again. Who is doing the Cyclopeez order? We would love to get some of that, too. Bob and Tamie
  12. Mike, Did you find anyone to split the Cyclopeez with? We are interested in some. Tamie and Bob
  13. We are interested. Can bring whatever is needed (not octopus or squid!). Bob and Tamie
  14. Has anyone heard of a useful way to reuse harvested Halimeda from the tank? We harvested a gallon volume of Halimeda and before we throw it out we were wondering what people do with it's calcium carbonate contents since natural sand is largely made up of Halimeda "skeleton".
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