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  1. thank you all. I'm still looking around and would like to know of anyone selling a reef-ready small (20-70gal) tank. I know smaller tanks have their challenges as they are prompt to crash due to the smaller amount of water, but I want to start small again before I move on to bigger tanks like I had in the past. Please let me know if you know of any one stepping back from the hubby.
  2. Welcome to WAMAS, keep us posted on your journey of setting up a new tank.
  3. keep us posted, interesting to hear the outcome
  4. Paul, how long have you had Goop in the tank, and where do you get it from?
  5. Tha tank is all glass, a long 55G tank, used to be my old 55G tank. There are some pitcures floating around on WAMAS of back then. So, what Glue you recommend?
  6. that is correct, turn it into a all-in-one system. I guess things do change in eight years, specially how we label or name things. Thanks for the help !
  7. thank you Alan. I am turning a 55G into a reef-ready system that holds or equipment and filtrates in the same tank instead of outside the tank. crazy I know, but a nice neat project !
  8. Ok, I am thinking of cutting some acrylic and building a wall inside the 55G tank where I can house the water column, heater, pumps, filtration, and reactors inside the same 55G tank. In order to do so I would need to build a wall using acrylic. What glue you recommend I use for holding the acrylic piece in place? Thank you in advance for your advise, suggestions.
  9. Dave - great to hear from you/. Hope you have some of my old montiporas or staghorns, and you are willing to sell me back some frags when I'm ready to move on "getting" back into the hobby.
  10. Anemone - Here are some pictures from the old 125G, and some close ups. If you click on one of the images it will take you to the gallery where you can browse thru all the pictures. Hope you see them, enjoy.
  11. Go to gallery and search for Caribbean Jake and then click search, then at the next window click search at the bottom of the page. I think that is how I found my old links, and all picture links came right up/
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