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  1. Thank you for the info I have a Fluval 13.5 Nano Tank Running the stock light that came with the tank I am not using the filter system that comes with the tank I am using a sock with Carbon and Zeolite in chamber 1 Chamber 2 i have Bio cubes and a few pieces of rock Chamber 3 has the heater and pump I also have a small wave maker
  2. Thank you Yes only one Saltwater fish store out this way Any suggestions on other stores in the area
  3. Thank you I just started a nano tank this past December. So just finished the cycling phase. Have a few cleaner crew in the tank now. So now trying to determine what type of coral i would like to add Any suggestions
  4. Hello Reefer Friends I am new to WAMAS But have been in the hobby for over 10 yrs now Just started a new nano tank Hoping to meet some new friends here and learn
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