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  1. Welcome to the community
  2. Steve883

    Couple pics of my Nuvo 10.

    Very Pretty Tank
  3. Steve883

    New To WAMAS

    Thank you for the info I have a Fluval 13.5 Nano Tank Running the stock light that came with the tank I am not using the filter system that comes with the tank I am using a sock with Carbon and Zeolite in chamber 1 Chamber 2 i have Bio cubes and a few pieces of rock Chamber 3 has the heater and pump I also have a small wave maker
  4. Steve883

    New To WAMAS

    Thank you Yes only one Saltwater fish store out this way Any suggestions on other stores in the area
  5. Steve883

    New To WAMAS

    Thank you I just started a nano tank this past December. So just finished the cycling phase. Have a few cleaner crew in the tank now. So now trying to determine what type of coral i would like to add Any suggestions
  6. Hello Reefer Friends I am new to WAMAS But have been in the hobby for over 10 yrs now Just started a new nano tank Hoping to meet some new friends here and learn