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  1. New tank and ready to plumb but would like some guidance. Anyone really enjoy this? I’m in city of Fairfax. Willing to compensate.
  2. The mj pump is for mixing. Thanks for feedback. Getting floors done in basement this Friday and will start the build.
  3. Items purchased and awaiting delivery and looking forward to setting it up. Tank: Aqueon 120 Gallon 48x24x24 Glass R&J Stand and canopy Sump: eshopps ADV-100 Heaters: eheim jager 300w x 2 Tank Lid : Aqueon x 2 Lights: ecotech XR30w pro G4 x 2, slider and track Battery backup: Vortech Surge protetor: Killa watt 10 Main pump: Ecotech marine vectra s1 pump Powerheads: Vortech MP40w QD x2 Reeflink Seneye reef aquarium monitor and par meter Aqua medic Reef Doser evo 4 RODI: AquaFX 100 gpd 32 gal brute containers x 2 heater for water eheim jager maxi jet 1200 pump float switch Instant ocean reef crystals 140 lbs carib reef sand Protein Skimmer: eshopps mid-level X-160 axium GEO Reef media reactor UMC410 Biopellet reactor: Reef oct biochurn 120INT GEO Reef media reactor Tsunami ATO and mj 600 pump
  4. Should I wait until I have all items or post what I have to begin?
  5. Looking for a mentor and some ideas on starting out and to talk about aquascaping ideas. I will soon begin setting up with a ton of packages arriving daily. The only thing left to order is dry rock.
  6. I didn’t. I look forward to the next one.
  7. Hi all, Brand new to this and will begin setting up a 120 gallon tank next weekend. I’m a avid scuba diver and miss the reef, so I decided I wanted a reef tank. I have read a lot and have patience and am looking forward to this journey. I am in City of Fairfax. quick update: maybe in over my head, LOL More stuff on order and maybe a week or so to start. any reefers/mentors in the city of Fairfax? I have a ton of packages in the basement arriving daily. Once everything arrives, I will start in tank build forum. Looking for for some advice on mixing stations. I have 2 32 gallon brutes, 100g rodi system (on way) and looking for ideas to setup in utility room. Also, looking to see if anyone has plumbed a 120 Aqueon megaflo tank and sump and the timeframe to complete that.
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