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    Supreme Reefs eye candy thread

    Heres how my frag of that bali acro turned out... Im loving it
  2. Hey guys! Im Conner, I just recently found out that this site exists, so I decided to join today. I had reefs for probably about 5-ish years, and then I took a break, and then several months back I decided to get back into it. Ive been in DC for about 3.5years or so, and currently, have a 90g mixed (mostly sps planned) reef that started back in late sept/early oct. Ive been to several of the stores around here, and just recently discovered a bunch more thanks to the LFS Map tab above. I plan on making some rounds over the next few weeks to the rest, and making a hike out to PEA to grab some clams! Heres some photos, still haven't managed to not have every photo be extremely blue.
  3. ccurnick

    SCA aquarium feedback

    I have a 90g cube from SCA and it is very good for the price point. I ordered the upgraded stand and not the MDF one, and it is solid with a steel inner frame. I also got the sump which is more than fine, the 302 skimmer is also not bad. If you bundle gear it starts to save you a ton of money. I ordered mine with rations, Vectra, Vortechs, skimmer, and sump. The customer service is also top notch and Steve is very responsive and replaces/resends items with no questions asked. I essentially got an upgraded version of their PNP system.
  4. Thanks! And yeah Ive seen them around.. Ill order it next time I see them!