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  1. Thank you for the advice in dips :-) Ive got quite a bit of various colors of corraline that is growing pretty well in the tank. One thing that i noticed helped was upping my alkalinity and PH slowly and feeding less. So far everything has gotten to be stable ie no regression, i think a bit of improvement on some fronts. Ive added more tank pics to the share folder, should be ordered oldest to latest. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1-EKlUYvzGSDLaFUojExixUjGGmwsNT_p
  2. Did another round of tests today, so far 1 20% water change complete and have been feeding less by far. This is since my last reading I'm seeing my dendro slowly re-encrust its skeletons, my monti has not gotten worse and has gotten pinker in surviving areas. Akro has neither gotten worse nor gotten better. One of my fungia has gotten 20% worse but flesh loss seems to have stalled at that point
  3. Fyi, on my next custom build im going SCA hands down. I got one of their skimmers and my gosh they have amazing customer service, they really go above and beyond and thats just on a skimmer i bet they stand behind their tanks even better. I asked what size drain hose the unit uses, they just sent me what i needed to my addy for free, ask them for reccomendations on a dc pump for my skimmer they hook me up with a darn good deal on one. And they always respond quickly. Id personally lean on the side of caution and go with embracing on a large tank. Top bracing allows in my opinion best of both worlds, can take glass top off when you wanna look and put it back on for piece of mind. My dream rimless I'd just lid it when I'm not home, and take it off in a nice lid storage enclosure when I'm in the room with it so if a jumper does its thing i can take care of it.
  4. Do these exist for faucets or inline?
  5. Seconded, I've chosen you guys for many of my purchases because of this allong with your rewards program, freebies and general awesome customer service!
  6. Im guessing printed invoice/reciept is fine right? Many of the sponsors are online so you should be able to log into your account and print em out :-)
  7. Gotcha thanks ah always loves those series! So your rodi stores pretty much indefinitely? I guess i can try a small 300gph pump and see if it has enough power for my water change needs!
  8. So I've started doing larger water changes and am finding it to be a serious pita to do so via 5 gallon home depot buckets.... Sooo I'm thinking of making myself a mixing setup. I was thinking 2x 55 gallon brute trashcans knowing that I wont likely need 55 gallons but its also nice in case i ever do and price/size difference is not that vast between those and the 44/34's. Also my phyto farm pod farm chews through water pretty good. Anyways: Question 1: Rubbermaide Brute 55gallon https://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubbermaid-Commercial-Products-Brute-55-Gal-Gray-Round-Vented-Trash-Can-with-Lid-2076193/306360661 good? Question 2: What about water storage... if I have 2 barrels, 1 for rodi and one for salt. Can I store unmixed RODI Just fine? My TDS is 0 and will be for a bit, would having a tds of 2 or 3 change that? How long this assuming kept in garage temps and lid closed. Question 3: What about keeping mixed salt water stored? How long if at all? Question 4: Whats the best way to mix saltwater in the 55g tub? A small pump? Or should I get a big pump with 2 way valve (mix/fill) and a super long tubing for easy filling of my tank? My tank is on second floor of house, garage 1st floor... what kind of pump rating would you suggest to handle that sort of back pressure?
  9. No evident rust from what i could tell on those magnets, but I never even thought to check that, seeing as it's so easy to do I'll definitely do it once in a while! Great Tip!
  10. Oye thanks for the tip!!!! Will definitely check!
  11. Here are some pics I took just prior to my cleaning/water change event this weekend. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MhRfasXn0oRTiBIUlpJXvWoqAdlb3KxO I generally dip all my corals in Coral RX for about 15-20 minutes. The last batch actually looked quite good for about a week and half before going on a downward spiral. I got most from sellers at our last meet.
  12. Had same thing happen to me, and went to petco to get an imaginarium breeder net which helped give the victimized fish some time to recover. Once his fins were all good and he was happy eating etc, back into the frey with the female he'd go. Took a few times but they ended up pairing. I have no doubt she would have killed him had i not put him in the breeder net for a while. He would float in the furthest away corner minimizing himself and she'd still terrorize him. The breeder net gave him some time to heal up and a reprieve while still letting her see him and vice versa, she tried to attack him through it a few times at first. They are cheap 10$ range. https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/fish/fish-health-wellness/fish-breeding-supplies/imagitarium-aquarium-net-breeder
  13. Awesome news!! Saves me some cash :-) and if my chromium is high will tell me if its my gear or salt next time!!
  14. Yea some day I may do a controller but I really very much value plug and play. It was a huge deciding factor for me and while I did see reef angel and quite frankly if I were to go with a controller that would have been my choice... I decided against it for a few reasons that ended up with me deciding against going with a controller this go around. Firstly budget, at the time I was not a wamas member didnt even know it existed so really had no one to talk to or get good deals from so was buying everything new. I wanted a PAR meter pretty bad so that money was gonna get sunk into the the seneye anyway. Plus reef angels site really has some a lack of item descriptions or how it worked, or what was needed... when looking at the reefangle plus I still cant figure out if i need to buy the extra modules which are not cheap, whether i need to buy the wifi module or if i can just plug the network cable into a wifi extender, do I need to buy the ph module? All this info was just lacking.... I just couldn't find it on their site. So was it going to be 399 i was going to spend to get PH, Temps, Ammonia, salinity over wifi or would that cost me more? Which led me to the next problem, I am not going to ever program or code so that proposition terrified me, and seeing as finding basic info on their site was so rough I didn't even wan to think about how bad their UI might be (site again very very rough) and how hard it would be to learn to use their system or god forbid learn how to code their product, I really just wanted something that would be easily monitor my reef statistics from any pc or cell phone I'm at. I would be perfectly cool with drop down menus or a drag and drop logic tree type system with for what plug does what, but thats about the extent. My lights were already automated using cheap 20$ chinese wifi outlets and going well, my pumps are manually controlled with just the setting of on. So the only thing it could help with was my ATO, temp control and maybe salinity one thing I still do manually right now, and to this day I dont know how much all that would cost stipulating I want it going over wifi as I cant run network cable to my tank lol. That leads me to second reason. It seems like the neptune apex, gets all the love, so I was concerned they may not stay around for very long and end up being a waste of $$ when they go out of business, no marketing, no mass community support, no minuscule sales on BRS knocking 5% off etc. The writing just seems on the wall for me, I think they'll go out of business and what happens to my wifi available data when they do? Also don't even get me started on neptune I find it to be grossly overpriced and by that i mean disgustingly. Especially for what you get, paying thousands of dollars for a product where you still have to learn to code to meet most desires that people have when buying these units for is a joke, especially when paired with the accuracy levels advertised for their probes. Your basically paying full lab grade prices for unpolished consumer grade mediocre accuracy stuff with a shoddy UI that requires coding for "advanced" functions. I've also seen plenty of posts where their gear breaks not long after warranty expired. The whole neptune apex thing just rubs me the wrong way in every way. Why not just get a more powerful raspberry pie at this point? But I digress, the reef angle seems to be reasonably priced for what it is. So lets say I dedicated to increasing my budget and knew what gizmos to buy and trusting I could get it to do what I wanted it to with little work.....already a lot of ifs, especially without a community backing me at the time. Third problem I saw and final nail in the coffin with any controller was that I hated the idea of putting all my eggs in one basket. Honestly if my clowns ever died i'd be freaking heartbroken, doubly so if they die of something I caused. Everything breaks, it just does, some things last longer than others but eventually they break. What happens if it happens to be the controller that you rely on to do a lot of different things? Right now I have independent lighting, independent temp control, independent ATO, independant pumps, independent skimming, independent airpump and independent reactor, independant flood protection, over temp protection and overskim protection. Most of these were pretty cheap to do aquaforest FTW!!! Some of these will fail and individually I can handle the issue, but god forbid if everything failed at once cause my controller blows a gasket, tank would die. I could not handle all that stuff on my own long enough for a replacement to arrive. Maybe for a few hours but how do you keep everything in your tank afloat without one while you get your waiting on warranty RMA replacement? Without a controller you find that you have closed loops of things that individually may break but it is unlikely that would all happen at once, especially with battery backup/surge protection. I can handle 1-2 breaks in my system at a time, but not a reef controller that went poof. Overall I just didn't see it as a resilient strategy to put that much weight in human made device. And if your spending the kinda money on a reef angle plus you may as well use it to it's fullest, not just as a reporting device. I may use one in the future on a bigger build if my 1st and 2nd level concerns are ever addressed in a sufficient manner and for my piece of mind I'd just buy an extra controller and power strip and test it for functionality put it in a closet for rainy day to avert the eggs in basked conundrum... that would increase price significantly though so 1 and 2 better be sorted lol. Heh, I think I write too much maybe it'll do some good and these controller companies will read my post some day And to neptune if you ever read this post, I hate that you price gouge which is exactly whats going on. If you make products that stand the test of time with durability, if you give high fidelity results from your test probes and I mean better than hannah checker levels, if you make it so its super simple for me to use I'd even be happy to pay what you currently charge. But at this point your just gouging the community because there aren't many better proven options available and that alone is enough to turn me off to a company. Or you could just charge sane prices for the stuff you offer now.
  15. Makes good sense, I'll send my red sea salt in to test and see, in comparison 30$ for a test is not that bad! They do give you an RO vial and saltwater vials. RO seems to test for all the same elements as the regular one.... Could maybe put some fresh mixed salt in that to get a free test of it alongside tank testing. Makes good sense, I'll send my red sea salt in to test and see, in comparison 30$ for a test is not that bad! They do give you an RO vial and saltwater vials. RO seems to test for all the same elements as the regular one.... Could maybe put some fresh mixed salt in that to get a free test of it alongside tank testing in one go? As far as seneye goes, I wish they had a nitrate measuring slide, that would be super nice and make it very valuable as a measuring instrument. The par meter is very nice, however I do find its online connectivity/tracking/notification to be amazingly awesome. It's saved my reef and all my fish multiple times! It's what alerted to me to my salinity issues when I saw some the PH cycle behaving out of norm/really odd, helped me catch my low salinity levels from over skimming within 24ish hrs. It also alerted me when an eheim jaeger failed to on and allowed me to unplug that sucker, drove home and temp was at 85 and still rising at the time. Yanked the sucker out and luckily none of my inhabitants died. For those of us who dont want to spend hundreds to thousands on an apex system the seneye really is a godsend as far as warning against problems goes. Its even better when considering how daunting the whole "programming" aspect of these systems is. They are very expensive and overly complex, I'm already having to learn a lot trying to learn how to keep my reef allive, I dont need to tack on learning to code in addition lol. Seneye is a simple plug and play warning system that does a good job of tracking the basics and warning you of anything major that can nuke your tank.
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