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    What do you mean by this statement " I need the worms for the bacteria so this is a crucial part of my system. " How do they add beneficial bacteria to your system that otherwise would not be introduced via frozen foods? What kind of worms are they? Worms are not exactly normal food for marine life... do they provide the proper levels of nutrients or do you augment with other food too? I'd be willing to give worms a shot. Just never heard of it and a bit confused.
  2. Yea probably so, does anyone know what size of threading i would need to fit the venturi thing on front cause my other DC pump has a very different thread from my antman ac pump. I would need to fit the venturi thing in front?
  3. Gotcha wife hates noise so would you say more noisy than the Ant-Man equivalent or about the same? Wife would not stand for noisier lol it's in the living room so she's around it. Had to eliminate my eheim for a DC return pump and go fanless on my lights cause of her lol. She tolerates the sound of the Ant-Man but it's her max before she gets annoyed. I'm with you I'd rather have a workhorse... But alas compromise.... If noisier what DC equivalent from jaebo would fit if any?
  4. Nice those do look pretty beefy! Do they run pretty silent/vibration proof? How about that issues?
  5. Hey guys, I'm running an SCA 302 and my Antman PH2000 skimmer pump chewed through it's rubber bushing ting and now spins but no longer makes bubbles. Essentially 1 year of service and it died. Is there a DC varient that would be similar sized and fit? I'm not looking to go super expensive even would be ok with a chicom DC pump. I'm just looking for less noise/vibration and heat generation as the Antman was noisy and hot. If a similar sized DC does not exist any recommendation for a better made AC version? Thanks guys!
  6. If you type WAMAS it's #3 on the list via pc using chrome
  7. One of my fungia survived my recent issue.. as long as the mouth accepts food your ok. Keep parameters stable and ensure the mouth manages to eat and no CUC members take food out of mouth as this can damage that critical part. Once you feed every 2-3 days you should see skin start taking over the skeleton again, if you have no more mouth hope is lost.... My fungia went to 1/5th of flesh left and has recovered to maybe 1/4th at this point. The good sign is if they get bubbly and extend, if its not extending its not doing well. If it dies keep skeleton in the tank as it may sprout zombie babies.
  8. For the vid monster. The tentacles are very fine/delicate and I doesn't really move seems to be a cluster of it and it horde detritus and eats it... pods live near it and don't seem bothered. It only does its thing at night. Here is a better pic of the new size wise probably 1.25 inch. Is it undesired because itll take over the tank? And if so what's best way to remove it without harming the rather delicate cluster duster?
  9. Update I've removed the slugs eggs, the peppermint shrimp seem to have eaten all the white things/stuff off the sponge so they are no longer a concern. Unfortunate news on the sponge slug... it's cool, does it ever eat anything other than sponge if it gets hungry? Any chance of it surviving in someone else's system who has no sponges? I could bring it to the meet today if anyone is interested. As far as the anemone it's been in the tank on the same rocks where 4 peppermint shrimp live, as with all new frags they quickly went there to check it out but left the nem allone. The pic kinda doesn't do it justice, it's got white horizontal bands and orange splotches mixed in with the browns and tentacles even get slightly bubbly almost like a bta but not quite.... What about the tentacle monster in the last video? It basically puts its orang/reddish tentacles out and reels detritus back to its lair... very odd.... it's also in a super still part of the tank flow wise.
  10. Hey guys i got these on a recent shipment. Anyone know what they are? So first off is this red what looks to be a strange slug.... found it on a red sponge i got, also some other strange oddities attached to said sponge! Good bad indifferent? Should I kill em or keep em? I almost glued the slug to a frag cause thought it was broken piece of sponge lol!!! Red Sponge Slug (after some research self identified as Rostanga rubra looks identical, and seems that ribbon of eggs is it's eggs... seems to feed on sponge, now I have a hard decision to make let it kill my sponges and enjoy it as its such a cool critter or flush How quickly will one of these eat sponge? If I eliminate the eggs will it be able to make more? Could one feasably eat all my sponge or can sponge survive one?) : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ksAgA4jV0vTccxFAgMW014S3yIdtMjEw https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w4bhdKy-DXq4IKuZ2xabjMolMAobITqw Eggs? (Rostanga rubra egg ribbon) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_nx1ML4_JFeJv7TXQR75BBuhUB0Lu9Kc https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BrOo1h94BxXXxLPZl8ncwdwikmel8qCB https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LimhBHUpwr0P-WDZGtpzl--Ij3uL2H9O White thing on sponge https://drive.google.com/open?id=1spCd1CtZ_rTCRGu34zS_3SURB_mW61zk https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ndj5Kcxe31rwAzcfT4KKuDdi_5YnreVn This anemone came in on a piece of hard feather duster cluster! Is it a pest? looks kinda cool.... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VxBkg-j-L1eFPVXnXXoTpONans_xU6lV https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wHIhZ-8B2YBK6TdzAkwCcbXlUfyxBMC9 Creepy tentacle monster living in a hole... (the green stuff seems to be cyano from the sump it grabbed and dragged in, it seems to grab detritus and pull it in, shrooms near it have died but that may be coincidence? My video skills kinda stink sorry!) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uSy10zwNm3mvqtYSIitzeWWPVb22jB2s As always your help in ID is appreciated!
  11. Thank you for the advice in dips :-) Ive got quite a bit of various colors of corraline that is growing pretty well in the tank. One thing that i noticed helped was upping my alkalinity and PH slowly and feeding less. So far everything has gotten to be stable ie no regression, i think a bit of improvement on some fronts. Ive added more tank pics to the share folder, should be ordered oldest to latest. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1-EKlUYvzGSDLaFUojExixUjGGmwsNT_p
  12. Did another round of tests today, so far 1 20% water change complete and have been feeding less by far. This is since my last reading I'm seeing my dendro slowly re-encrust its skeletons, my monti has not gotten worse and has gotten pinker in surviving areas. Akro has neither gotten worse nor gotten better. One of my fungia has gotten 20% worse but flesh loss seems to have stalled at that point
  13. Fyi, on my next custom build im going SCA hands down. I got one of their skimmers and my gosh they have amazing customer service, they really go above and beyond and thats just on a skimmer i bet they stand behind their tanks even better. I asked what size drain hose the unit uses, they just sent me what i needed to my addy for free, ask them for reccomendations on a dc pump for my skimmer they hook me up with a darn good deal on one. And they always respond quickly. Id personally lean on the side of caution and go with embracing on a large tank. Top bracing allows in my opinion best of both worlds, can take glass top off when you wanna look and put it back on for piece of mind. My dream rimless I'd just lid it when I'm not home, and take it off in a nice lid storage enclosure when I'm in the room with it so if a jumper does its thing i can take care of it.
  14. Do these exist for faucets or inline?
  15. Seconded, I've chosen you guys for many of my purchases because of this allong with your rewards program, freebies and general awesome customer service!
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