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  1. Wow thats really nice, my mandarin pair would have a heck of a feast. I seem em in my sump but never DT as they tend to power through them fast.
  2. I'll give it a go in a nano I'm setting up and report back results!!!
  3. realypk

    Need help calculating salt usage...

    Hey everyone I just wanted to give an update on this. Overskim seems to have been the culprit after all as suggested by everyone here. Curent skim collection is now derastically reduced and produces dark pungent skim I cannot see through. I've replaced 1:1 skim collection with fresh mixed salt mix, seems like my collection container now fills about every 2 weeks. This was great. I just wanted to thank everyone here for the excellent help that was given to me, really helped solve a headache! Also not having salinity shifts has made all my corals drastically happier looking.
  4. I've resealed a tank before. Razor blade to remove the interior silicone on the clean it off real well spend some time on it. Then reseal from the inside. It worked pretty well for me on a 36 gallon for bout two years before I traded it away and heard no negative affects. Making it look pretty even with the tools can be a challenge unless you use tape which I highly recommend to get a professional looking straight line. Cant really over due it on silicone but you can under do it so keep that in mind!!! I say a nice moderate bead and then once nice smooth motion up. Use only 100% silicone! Not sure if thats how it should be done but it worked for me and I only had a small leak in one area, like small slow leak.
  5. So i got the stuff from joshfrogs and inspected the packaging. Its made by "growstone" in the usa. Supposedly its made of recycled glass and is mostly silica. What does this mean for its safety in a reef setting? Im guessing it improves things if rinsed well. http://growstone.com/our-company/our-process/
  6. realypk

    What is coming out of my new maxima clam?

    Oh wow odd... why do they do this?
  7. realypk

    What is coming out of my new maxima clam?

    Better photo of appendage
  8. Normal state of clam The white thing... what is it?
  9. Yea i guess if it aint broke dont fix it. I am curious how my test results will look though!
  10. I have a LOT of marine pure in my main system. IE 2 big blocks and a bunch of smaller cubes (i definitely did overkill in how much i used, probably good enough for a 500gal worth of marine pure for my 75) in my sump. My nitrates stay consistently very low regardless how much I feed or even overfeed, I see it spike and rapidly decrease so the marine pure does probably do a very good job at decreasing nitrates... I guess the real question is #1 does it leach and #2 is what leaches harmful to reef aquaria? So far everything seems happy but is it just a matter of time and concentration? I also wonder if regular water changes negate the affects of leaching... I'm likely going to keep things as is for now as its running fine and removing it would mean lengthy cleaning process in sump as a lot of it got crushed.... Also i'd need to find a substitute as my tank is fully stocked with life. Also I will be doing a water quality analysis in the next month or so and let you all know the results.
  11. Is aluminum leaching bad for the reef? Should I remove my marine pure or does it do more good than harm? If not a big deal than this may be worth trying. Might be willing to set up a nano that i'll use to farm copepods and see if this works similar to marine pure tank next to it.
  12. So I just finished building a vivarium, and a critical component of it was false bottom, previously round balls of lavarock were used for the purpose but now they've gotten all fancy and started using this white stuff. Didnt think anything of it bought a few packs (it's super cheap ie 7.99 cheap for 5qts. or 7.33 if you buy 4 or more) When it arrived and i had it in my hands i was like oh... this is just smaller versions of marine pure blocks.... Its meant for use in vivariums with running water which often have very sensitive amphibians so I bet the stuff is pet/marine safe as well. The consistency when put next to marine pure is very similar and its also similarly fragile. 5 qts is a pretty good ammount 20qts is even better. What I like about the size is it could fit in filters pretty well for nano systems. What do you guys think? Rinse and use for super value marine pure? https://www.joshsfrogs.com/josh-s-frogs-false-bottom-5-quarts.html
  13. This is awesome, exactly what I was looking for Thank you so much for the knowledge!!!! Once you sieve them how do you do it? Just like a water change but with water flowing through sieve? and then you dump sieved pods into the tank?
  14. I dont have bristles and have been kinda happy to avoid them thus far. Thanks about the cultivation and contamination tips matt! @A.ocellaris seeing as you've had a level of success how do you do it? Do you put them in a 5 gal bucket and just green up the water and when water goes clear you just add more phyto? Also how do you go about harvesting pods? Also as far as phyto goes I've been having mixed results. Some of my batches turn out AWESOME and some end up turning into a yellow clearish liquid that quite frankly gross... it seems to be random. I'm also kinda winging it on phyto fertilizer. Is there a suggested amount of fertilizer to give? Can you over do it on lighting?
  15. My fuge is also growing a ton of pods... I'm just not seeing them move into the main tank area through the return, perhaps the scooter blenny is just ruthlessly efficient at killing them the second they arrive. I was thinking of getting an out of tank culture of pods started to feed extra pods into the main tank on a regular basis. I'll definitely try grindals if they work they work!