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  1. realypk

    Best way to put pictures up??

    I use imgur
  2. realypk

    Good LFS for fish/shrimp

    When I go I think I'm going to have to tell the owner about the problem of their name/search results. As I was looking in the area too and think i remember seeing it and just glossing over cause Koi = pond to me. Perhaps should add Koi & Reef or something like that. He's probably lost a lot of business to this.
  3. realypk

    Good LFS for fish/shrimp

    Oh my... that is amazing!!! How much did that set you back? Did they have more when you were there?
  4. realypk

    Good LFS for fish/shrimp

    Very nice thanks so much for that! I'd never heard of blue ribbon koi and even if I did with a name like that I would have just skipped over it assuming its a pond shop!!!!
  5. realypk

    Good LFS for fish/shrimp

    Thanks A-a-ron! 90 gallons of total water with about 11x flow rate, that's measured water in the entire system and accounts for the amount of rock and sand displacement, sans those it would have more water. It's essentially a 75gal with an extra large sump giving it more water volume than normally possible. I didn't want to add those two beautiful clowns i saw recently because i'd hate for them to be in a tank sans anemone, just getting tired of dosing ammonia really lol so may need to bite the bullet and either overpay or risk it with a petsmart acquisition. Not looking for large fish seeing as they would not have that much room to swim, but looking more for teeming with life feel.
  6. Hey guys, My mixed reef tank is nice and cycled, running well, I have a CUC in there to eat the unwanted algea growth and a few corals that seem to be doing ok so far. All nice and stable, my issue is that I'm now in need for some livestock as I don't feel like constantly having to dose ammonia. Are there any marine LFS's out here in the northern Virginia area that have reasonable prices (Ie similar to online prices) and healthy good stock? If not similar pricing any that have good selection and healthy stock? The only place I've been in the NOVA area so far is Reefescape whose prices I thought were on the high side and selection a bit limited on livestock. I live in ashburn and work in arlington so somthing reasonably close less than 30mins from either or on the route would be good. I also frequent Leesburg area a fair bit. I dont want to order a bunch of fish all at once from an online vendor as i like adding livestock slowly as the health of the animal is very important to me and shipping costs kinda necessitate bigger orders online.