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  1. 🔆 Even More New Corals, Acros Under 10 Bucks + B.O.G.O. Pods - Happy Sunday 🔆 Even More New Corals, Acros Under 10 Bucks + B.O.G.O. Pods - Happy Sunday The coral bin is SWEET, we have new corals + when you buy 1000 Pods, you get 1000 for FREE Visit AquariumDepot.com to check them all out - or click the pics for more!
  2. Super Sale on Pods You Can Actually SEE ...... Yum Yum Yum said your Fish! Our Pods are a mixture of Amphipods and Copepods & These Pods you can SEE swimming in the bag. You will Love them, your fish will Love them and this Buy 1000 Get 1000 for FREE is a great way to get them seeded in your tank. The BOGO Pod deal is available here: click Live Copepods & Amphipods Your fish will thank you - Your wallet will be pleased as well.
  3. I have Been BUSY with New Corals + Corals start at Just 2.99 @ AquariumDepot.com I have been spending a lot of time in our coral department - and the hard work is paying off!! The corals are growing and we have so many new corals available!! It is super exciting. Here are just a few! Visit AquariumDepot to see all of the new items - Enjoy!! Looking for SWEET deals? Visit the Coral Bin - click AquariumDepot.com/CoralBin
  4. Happy New Year - Sweet Deals to Start the New Year out Just right Visit the site and while you are there check out our Awesome Corals in the Coral Bin - all Under $9.99 Take 10% off your ENTIRE order - No Code Needed!
  5. AquariumDepot.com Clean Up Crew - 80 Critters Shipped FREE 3 Crews On Sale - - Under 50 Bucks - Check them all out here: AquariumDepot Saltwater Clean Up Crew We had multiple requests for reduced shipping for our Pods and Plants - we are now offering USPS shipping for ONLY $9.99 on Pods & Plants
  6. Over 2000 Frags Ready to Ship @ 50% Off - Merry Christmas from AquariumDepot.com All Corals are 50% Off at AquariumDepot.com + Check out our Cool Holiday Jingle AquariumDepot Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1iNei2gb98
  7. New & Awesome - Corals in the 10 Buck Bin + New Corals to Love (Pics Included) Check Out the Coral Bin - Love the Coral Love the Price - Shipping for Christmas - There is Still time for delivery on Friday Visit AquariumDepot
  8. Last Week 4 Shipping Before Christmas New Corals, Bright Flower Nems & BOGO Pods Awesome New Corals and Amazing Bright Rock Flower Anemones + Buy 1000 CopePods Get 1000 Pods for FREE - the Christmas Gift They WILL Love!
  9. Our Coral Bin is on Fire - Acans, Dendros and Acros for 5 Bucks and Much More Check Out the Coral Bin at AquariumDepot.com We have some amazing Acros, Dendros and Acans and they are sweet deals and sweet pieces.
  10. Final Day - - Corals 50% Off - Ends at 23:59 PST 12.7.2018 Check out all of these corals for 50% Off - Right here: https://aquariumdepot.com/corals-50-off/ Also - Our newest Video of our little yellow sponge crab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfqfygttzdY
  11. Check out the Awesome selection of Corals At AquariumDepot.com that are available for 50% Off Ricordea, Acans, Acros, Zoanthids and Much Much More
  12. Last Day for This Dollar Deal 250 Copepods - Only $.99 SWEET deal!
  13. What are Saltwater Plants good for? What are Saltwater Plants good For? 1. Macroalgae is great for naturally reducing algae - The MACRO out-competes the MICRO and reduces the food source - in essence starving the MICRO algae. 2. Saltwater Plants are great food source for fish. Fish love to much on Algae like ULVA aka Sea Lettuce or Red Gracilaria 3. Macroalgae is a beautiful addition to the tank. Aesthetically it is very pretty and makes the reef tank look like a natural chunk of reef with real plants! 4. Saltwater Plants provide natural homes for small crustaceans and other animals like amphipods and copepods. BTW - Pods are on sale for a BUCK!!
  14. We had a Ton of Fun for Thanksgiving - Now we let them eat CHEAP - Only $.99 The Pod Special for $.99 was super Popular - so here it is AGAIN!! Copepods for Sale - Only $.99 - Act Quick - This will not last Long!! Did you see this new Video - Aquarium Depot Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTAgdp2jMpI
  15. Happy Thanksgiving - We start the BF Fun Now - Pods - Only $.99 Sweet Deals - Copepods for Sale - Only $.99 for 250 Pods Plus New Corals & Bright Rock Anemones + 50% Off Your Choice! Check Out this Cool Decorator Crab Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ4Ls0Bu89o
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