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  1. Our Coral Bin is on Fire - Acans, Dendros and Acros for 5 Bucks and Much More Check Out the Coral Bin at AquariumDepot.com We have some amazing Acros, Dendros and Acans and they are sweet deals and sweet pieces.
  2. Final Day - - Corals 50% Off - Ends at 23:59 PST 12.7.2018 Check out all of these corals for 50% Off - Right here: https://aquariumdepot.com/corals-50-off/ Also - Our newest Video of our little yellow sponge crab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfqfygttzdY
  3. Check out the Awesome selection of Corals At AquariumDepot.com that are available for 50% Off Ricordea, Acans, Acros, Zoanthids and Much Much More
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    Last Day for This Dollar Deal

    Last Day for This Dollar Deal 250 Copepods - Only $.99 SWEET deal!
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    What are Saltwater Plants good for?

    What are Saltwater Plants good for? What are Saltwater Plants good For? 1. Macroalgae is great for naturally reducing algae - The MACRO out-competes the MICRO and reduces the food source - in essence starving the MICRO algae. 2. Saltwater Plants are great food source for fish. Fish love to much on Algae like ULVA aka Sea Lettuce or Red Gracilaria 3. Macroalgae is a beautiful addition to the tank. Aesthetically it is very pretty and makes the reef tank look like a natural chunk of reef with real plants! 4. Saltwater Plants provide natural homes for small crustaceans and other animals like amphipods and copepods. BTW - Pods are on sale for a BUCK!!
  6. We had a Ton of Fun for Thanksgiving - Now we let them eat CHEAP - Only $.99 The Pod Special for $.99 was super Popular - so here it is AGAIN!! Copepods for Sale - Only $.99 - Act Quick - This will not last Long!! Did you see this new Video - Aquarium Depot Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTAgdp2jMpI
  7. Happy Thanksgiving - We start the BF Fun Now - Pods - Only $.99 Sweet Deals - Copepods for Sale - Only $.99 for 250 Pods Plus New Corals & Bright Rock Anemones + 50% Off Your Choice! Check Out this Cool Decorator Crab Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ4Ls0Bu89o
  8. Final Day - Copepod Sale @ AquariumDepot.com Copepods are classified as a Carbon Sink - which is defined as an organism that consumes more carbon than it leaves behind - No Carbon Emissions from Copepods Folks!! WIN WIN!! Copepods will improve the health of your tank in the role they play in reducing waste! These are the Best Copepods for Reef Tank Did you know ...... on a global scale they reduce 2 BILLION tons of carbon emissions EVERY year!! When you give your fish LIVE copepods & amphipods instead of a prepared food - the waste levels go down even if they are not all eaten - Unlike that prepared stuff!! Copepods are an Awesome Addition to any tank - We have copepods for sale - Super Sale!! Buy 1000 - Get 1000 for FREE!! Check out this cool demonstration of us hand feeding corals some food - BTW - Corals love eating pods ALSO!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZW0IRc28Ik
  9. Starting the Holiday with Food -- They Want to E.A.T. ....... So Feed 'em The All Time Saltwater Fish Food Favorite of most fish is copepods and amphipods. And we have a treat for them!! When You Buy 1000 Pods - we will give you an Extra 1000 Pods for FREE! Our Live Copepods are the Best & Your fish will Love them! Check out this video to see our amazing copepod package - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WohyauJU7M You if you are looking for Copepods for Sale - Look no further - we have the Goods!
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    Did You See These Saltwater Plants

    Did You See These Saltwater Plants An Awesome Assortment of Saltwater Plants - Sweet Pack with 6 Macro Algaes + 1000 Copepods So whether you are into a planted tank or a coral tank - we have just what you are looking for - from Zoanthids to Macro Algae, Inverts to Live Food for Picky eaters. Check this cool little porcelain crab - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8imyIDNyMqk
  11. Last Day - Veterans Day Sale -- Great Selection of Crabs, Snails and Corals, Macro Algae and So Much More Check these beauties out: Pom Pom Crab - - Cutest Little Guy - Waiving those claws in the air - filter feeding with the little anemones - also called boxing crab - they will use the anemones to fend off predators - awesome symbiotic relationship to see in your tank. Emerald Crab - Famous for eating Bubble Algae - we use them and Cortez aka Mexican Red Legs on incoming rocks that have excess algae - they do not eat the corals - but so a great job removing a variety of algae from the coral rock. Duncan Coral - an amazing LPS coral that will thrill any reef keeper - a great eater and grower - sure to please! Cerith Snail - a fantastic algae eater - these small ice cream cone shaped snails will mow the algae. They are handy since they do not push corals around and are small enough to get into tight to reach spots. Also - while you are here - Enjoy this video on LPS Corals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTqwtvOsqbk
  12. Happy Veterans Day - Awesome Corals & More at Huge Savings - Let Us Never Forget! AquariumDepot.com is celebrating Veterans Day today with a HUGE sale on the Entire Site! Let us Never Forget! The site is filled with a huge variety of inverts like turbo snails and crabs - from things you need like cleaner shrimp - to things you want to watch like pom pom crabs. Our soft coral selction is SWEET with zoanthids and mushroom corals, ricordea and much more. Plus check out this little Porcelain Crab Reef Safe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8imyIDNyMqk
  13. Last Day - Coral Sale - All Corals - 50% Off - Ends at 23:59pm PST - 11.10.2018 Heads Up - This is the Final Day of Our 50% Coral Sale - Make Sure to Complete your orders Before 23:59PST - Tonight 11.10.2018 We have some amazing Ricordea - Acan Corals - Dendros - Zoas & Many more Sweet Corals We love Rare Zoanthids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SqtYCKSUvM
  14. Inventory Restocked - Final Days for Coral Sale We have received some sweet acan corals, inverts and Macro Algae this week. We also have Sun Corals - in Orange & Black. Plus a great selection of Designer Zoas to choose from. Also - If you need live food for your mandarin gobies - we have the best copepods for sale. Check out our pod video!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WohyauJU7M