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  1. I'm not sure what repercussions I could experience from all the bonus items! My setup will likely allow thinks to end up in the display tank b/c the macro algae is in a pasta colander in the sump. Any advice?
  2. Anybody got some Caulerpa they can donate? My Chaeto has withered away Let me know. Thanks for reading
  3. Yes I have a short video of it but think it’s too large to upload here. What is CUC? Found this... https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/179488-my-stomatella-is-smoking/ 450813D2-3048-4D83-AD41-253268B97F34.MOV
  4. Every so often this thing crawls out of a rock and produces what can only be called smoke. It puffs along for about a minute every 10 seconds. its maybe the size of a typical shirt button except elongated. what the heck is it?
  5. Ok, so I have a 10 gallon refugium currently. It really doesn't have separate compartments. I did have it 3rd'd off with filter media but it seemed like too much junk was getting trapped in it. So I removed the 2 filter media and put my Algae into breeding basket as a temporary band aid. Now I am ready to insert glass panels BUT i'm not sure how many for each partition, etc. ADVICE Appreciated The first Left chamber will contain the return from the tank above and the skimmer. Middle chamber just Algae Third chamber, just return pump I was thinking the first partition would be 2 pieces of glass; leftmost at the bottom so water flows over, one inch right of that another panel raised one inch (water flows under) Then another double panel for the 2/3 partition - leftmost raised one inch, rightmost flush with the bottom diagram below I = on bottom ! = raised overflow/ skimmer I ! Algae ! I return pump Thanks!
  6. What brand of Silicone is best to glue my sump panels/dividers in place? Can it be bought locally? Anybody have some they could sell me?
  7. Thanks. That's why I post my thoughts before taking any action. My tank has been really stable, less the stupid Toadstool masquerading as a rock for 10 days, so I wouldn't want to risk it. Would Radon show up on a TDS? We get letters from the water company a lot about it being in the water. Probably will test one glass - if the tds is over 3, i'm done. if = or under 3, may start drinking it. I think that will make at least one person happy LOL
  8. ReefUp you are getting a little aggressive with your feedback, might want to tone it down a bit. I can afford whatever I want, whenever I want. I have a RODI. I do not plan on putting it in. So you are pretty much wrong on everything.
  9. All good points. I'll collect a tiny bit in a glass and test with TDS meter out of curiosity. Cost would have to factor in replace rodi cartridges too.
  10. I was thinking to save on water and sewer costs I would put up a temporary tarp to collect rainwater directly from the sky (not off a roof or whatever) using a cheap $4 tarp (photo). I only need 10-20 gallons per week, if it doesn't rain i'll use the rodi. So if I collect it and test it to 0 TDS or very close to it, I should be good right? Thoughts?
  11. I would say moderate to low flow? it is about 5 inches off the bottom. LED lights only Photo now posted
  12. I bought a Toadstool Coral this past weekend. Looked great in the store. It closed once bagged - not surprising. It's been 6 days - still closed. LFS guy said rub some food in paste form on it. All I have is reef chili and can't seem to get it to paste form. Once it hits the water it dissolves. Any ideas to make this thing happy? Thx
  13. I think I'm going to hold off. Wiping, light, temp, etc. more downside than upside
  14. I am considering getting a lid to put on my 55Gal. The reasons are to help prevent evaporation and jumpers. I would have like 10"x2.5" cutouts in the back corners for wires and the lights. Is this even a good idea? I'm concerned about it changing the light strength, reflections, etc. To be honest, not even sure it will help will evaporation
  15. Well after about a week they opened up about 75%. Lots of great advice - really appreciate it. If they close again I'm giving them 30 days before I panic! guess we can say - case closed
  16. Never dosed Alk. Only dosed calc once about 2 months ago. I think the water out here (public but comes from wells) is high in both. I had discuss with LFS they thought it was my brand of salt. So I changed salt brand. It's been higher since the tank started around Sept 1 and moving lower at the pace of glacier. It's a mystery to me
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