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  1. This post peaked my interest and i decided to measure what my salt mixes to. I use the black red sea pro bucket so here's what mi got after mixing. Salinity 1.026 checked with hanna salinty checker and calibrated refractometer Alkalinity : 9.7 hanna checker Calcium 395 MG 1200 honestly im a little shocked by these numbers why are they so low as opposed to what red sea advertises on the bucket? I tested each one like 3 or 4 times because i was disbelief but idk what to say about this. guess ill be switching salt because this is just horrible. at 35 ppt the bucket says it should have 12 dKH but im only getting 9.7 so idk what to make of this. none of the advertised levels are what i got
  2. pretty much what origami said Since i want to upgrade my tank to a slightly bigger one but want to make sure i don’t kill all of my corals and fish by doing something wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Curious as to weather it would be possible to go from a fluval 13.5 to a nuvo 20. In this case would i just be able to move my rocks with corals on them to the new tank (about 11-12 pounds) and move over my filter media and be fine and just add extra liferock (purple rocks) for the difference in rock vs water or would that be dangerous and trigger a new cycle? Also would it be safe to switch sands during this? my current sand is a little to fine for my liking and would like to switch to some coarser sand.
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