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  1. littlelise1985

    Copepod & Amphipod Cultivation, Rotifers??

    Some pictures. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. littlelise1985

    Copepod & Amphipod Cultivation, Rotifers??

    So I bought a couple of bags of tisbe from this company, add them to my tanks, and every tank is now FULL of pods. It is pretty ridiculous. I have never seen pods all over the glass even during the day.
  3. littlelise1985

    Dosing questions

    I agree with epleeds, ESV is a great product and it has some trace elements also. Lately I have been trying the new Tropic Marin All-For-Reef on my little tank (too expensive for a larger tank) and I really like it. I am quite lazy and just having to test alk (instead of alk, ca, & mg) was a big plus for me. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/all-for-reef-tropic-marin.html
  4. littlelise1985

    Chaeto doe not look like Chaeto

    Do you have a picture?
  5. littlelise1985

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    You can also try dipping it in iodine ( Lugol's iodine is good) and see if it helps.
  6. littlelise1985

    Hydra 26 HD schedule

    I follow the AB+ for my Hydra. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/can-you-radion-ab-on-an-ai-hydra-askbrstv.464667/ My ramp up and down is set to 2 hours each with 8 hours of full. Total of 12 hours.
  7. littlelise1985

    Lighting advice

    I originally posted this to simply see if anyone has a good idea of how to easy mount some T5 fixtures and did not intend it to be a lengthy discussion about my personal preferences and why. This light is not bad but it also does not give me the flexibility and control that I want. I do not have a set time each day when I am out or will be home (and personally, I am lazy) and do not want to have to "change" the light every time I walk into the room. Why T5? If you have success with it, why not try and replicate it???? There is never a "guarantee" for anything, but better chances of success. That is my philosophy anyways. Others might not agree. "It's light, it grows things." I am sure Mr./Ms. Zygote is a very smart person but I don't completely agree with this statement. It's like being given a cake everyday as your only meal. "It's food, it will make you full." Admin, please close this thread. thank you.
  8. littlelise1985

    Lighting advice

    Thank you so much for everyone's suggestions. I still don't know how to proceed as of yet. I am not handy to build anything and other options might be good enough but not long term solutions. I don't think I will ever be satisfied with this tank. Might see it in the for sale forum soon
  9. littlelise1985

    Chasing Coral

    Thanks. Will try to watch it this week.
  10. littlelise1985

    Lighting advice

    Thank you for your help. I run the other spectrum but at a very low level. The tank is also quite deep so adding some T5s will help a lot when I place corals at the bottom. I have T5s on my SPS tank and corals are doing great in there, thus the preference for this tank too.
  11. littlelise1985

    Lighting advice

    I'm sure you can get great growth, but I do not want to turn the whites all the way up. Aesthetically, I don't like the color. I prefer other lights more because it can get the colors I want with the intensity and par needed for what I want to grow. To each their own. I guess I just want my cake and eat it too
  12. littlelise1985

    Lighting advice

    I have a feeling that is what I need to do. Just didnt want to do it since its connected with the pump, wave makers. But the light is just not as efficient as I want it to be. Great for growing most softies. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. littlelise1985

    Lighting advice

    I used the one loan by WAMAS. I was able to read par in my other tank using the Hydra so I know it is not broken. I have the entire set-up with the light (pump, flow, etc.) so I am not sure if I want to completely trash it. I thought about just selling the entire set to someone and start all over with this tank. This is a light at bought mainly for fish but would like to grow some corals now.
  14. littlelise1985

    Lighting advice

    So from what I have read, i thought the white, red, and green does not produce growth as blues and purple. If you look at any spectrum that are recommended for growth, those are generally turned down very low. If I boost the white, green, or red to 100 during the day, wouldn't I just end up with algae growth? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  15. littlelise1985

    Lighting advice

    I currently have the blues at 100%. Red/Green/White at 10%. Par reads nothing.