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  1. I used to wonder why it took people so long to do these tank builds ... now I know why, life gets in the way! Attached are some pictures of the current status of the tank. I plan on writting up more of what I did later this week/weekend. Hope y'all enjoy!
  2. Thanks for the Amazon idea! $8 and I’ll get it Monday. Definitely worth it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hey Sublime, if you end up having it I can come get it tomorrow or Monday. If not, no worries, I’m sure someone’s got to have one on here. I’m just ready to have this thing finally plumbed! Thanks for the help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So I’m an idiot and had the bright idea to use a drill bit from Lowe’s that’s supposed to be for glass and masonry. Long story short I’ve drilled almost all the holes I need except one. However, the drill bit from Lowe’s has lost its grit and is taking forever to drill anything. The third hole I used it on took 2 hours! I have another drill bit from BRS that I used for a 3/4th schedule 80 and it took me 15 min. So I then realized it was the other drill bit that sucks. I really don’t want to have to buy a drill bit for one hole but will if no one else has one. I just need to borrow it to drill this last hole and I can give it back immediately. I’m currently setting up my DD 200g (which is in the tank build thread) and would like to get the tank plumbed this weekend. As mentioned in the title I need a 48mm for the 1in schedule 80 bulkhead. Please let me know and thanks a ton! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Well the project is coming along but not as fast as I would like. This weekend I am getting a lot of the plumbing in from BRS. Also getting the new return pump, bio-block, and a power strip (the one that has switches that everyone has). Additionally picked up a doser from my former local fish store back in Knoxville, TN for super cheap. Also I bought a Pro-Max UV sterilizer from lifeguard when I was up at Reefapalooza for cheap so that just leaves be to get a protein skimmer and I will be set... Oh, and lights (not like that's a big deal). Update: Tank - nothing changed, still need to seal the thing Sump - Pond Armor is complete, need to drill holes for the bulkheads to connect the two "troughs" Plumbing - waiting on it to show up Paint! ... everything! Walls are going blue, the floor is a dark blue porch and floor enamel, trim will be black The cut out in the wall will have a 2x10 piece of wood that will be stained and poly'ed to serve as a ledge I should have an update this weekend when more of the painting is done, along with the plumbing PS: (last photo flipped for some reason)
  6. Closing and everything has already cleared so I'm on my own on this one. However, it wasn't too much to fix the problem and I know that it's being done right this time instead of them "fixing" it again. Thanks! Jon, thanks for the imput. Do you have any recommendations for a overflow? I saw your build thread and noticed that you ended up building your own. Not sure I'm quite up for that challange but will look into more. I'm looking for something that can handle around 1500gph but could go for something that's in between 2000gph high side, 1000gph low side. I will be painting the rest of the sump (I ran out) and I'm excited to see how turns out. Thanks! Thanks for tagging along! Should have an update with pictures later this week.
  7. A work in progress: I just moved into a house from an apartment and the first project... A fish tank of course! Or better yet, a fish room! I currently have a 55g tank and was limited to what I could have by living in an apartment. Now that I've got a house, the sky (in reality square footage) is the limit! When I got the house I knew that I wanted to use one of the rooms in the basement for a bigger fish tank. So I began to come up with a plan. The room is 10 ft. by 12 ft. with no windows and a door leading in from the other basement room. I knew I wanted to building the tank into the wall so that you could see it when you walk down the steps. This limited me to about 6 ft. the tank length could be realistically. Depth could go back as far as I wanted but needed to leave room for the 55g which will turn into a quarantine/frag tank along with two water storage containers that I plan to get for a mixing/RODI station. The tank size I had come up with would be something between a 250 or 300. What actually happened was that I ended up with a 200g which I'm happy with. It will allow for more free space in the room and will not be so cramped. I plan on putting in a stand with a 2 or 3 20g tanks so I'll have a bit more room for that as well. The Execution: There's always something! So I began to cut some of the Sheetrock out of the room in order to; rerun some electrical wire, make room for plumbing and cut out the whole for the display. What I found... water damage. Super! This had come up in the home inspection before. There was water damage near the electrical box (which is in the fish room, NOT Ideal, I know) and they "Fixed" the problem. In reality, they just pulled out everything around it and patched it back up. So what I was left with was mold in the isolation (yes, open cell aka "fluffy" isolation which isn't supposed to be in a basement due to the fact that it holds moisture) and on back of the Sheetrock along with partially rotted 2by4s. So what to do now? Everything must go! I pulled out everything along both exterior walls (interior walls were fine), got a dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture and painted the block walls with sealer. That brings us to the current status of the Fish room project. I do have the tank and stand in the room. The information below is about the tank and stand along with future plans. The Tank: A 200g DD that I got from JayH on the forum. The Stand: I built with 2x4s and plywood with PondArmor Waterproofing. I will paint the rest of the stand with a black all-surface-enamel and add stained wood trim pieces later on. - It has two trough underneath serving as my sump - One will hold my filter socks and protein skimmer I will drill two holes and use uni-seals to connect the two troughs at one end - Second will be a refugium, housing chaeto and bio blocks Plumbing: I am back and forth with what to do. The tank has 4 1in. holes drilled in the bottom of the tank near the back with one 3/4in. hole for a drain. The overflow boxes have been pulled out (they were old and broken) and I'm not keen on putting them back in. Obviously the risk of not putting in overflows back in is that if the bulkheads leak... I'll have to drain the whole thing. I have considered drilling the side of the tank and using the low profile overflow boxes and running plumbing out the side. That way I am not having to have pipes run up the back of the tank and giving me more room in the tank. However, like everything in this hobby, that will cost more money and eat up more time. Aquascape: Currently looking to put rock up along the left and right side of the tank with an island of rock in the center. To do List: (which seems like everything!) Finish the room - Paint the walls (thinking about going with a medium blueish/gray) - Paint the floor (using a garage floor epoxy which is gray) - Finish the sheetrock, mud/tap/sand/paint - Re-seal the Tank (the seams are fine, I'm just redoing the kalk on the inside of the tank just in case. Plus, the kalk used was black which I'm not a big fan of) - Plumb, I need to make up my mind but leaning towards leaving it the way it is with no overflows and assume some risk (fingers crossed?) - Fill and cycle tank, cyclying shouldn't take too long since everything in the 55g will be going into the 200g. - Get water containers for RODI and mixing station (any ideas on this???). Also plumb this into the system. Ideally I'd like to make this whole thing "low maintenance" which I feel like is an oxymoron in this hobby. - Move the 55g to the fish room. It's currently in the dinning room with all the construction going on I didn't want it downstairs. Thoughts, Comments, suggestions are all welcome! New to the forum and thought I'd share. Happy Reefing!
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