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  1. tds2264

    My IM 40 Fusion

    Thanks for the insight, good luck with the tank!
  2. tds2264

    My IM 40 Fusion

    Which chamber do you have it in?
  3. tds2264

    My IM 40 Fusion

    How is the IM Ghost Skimmer working out for you, I have heard good and bad? I have an IM 30 L, contemplating a skimmer, as you know space is at a premium in the rear chambers, want to get the best skimmer I can that will fit, Thanks!
  4. Love the tank, am actually contemplating getting one, downsizing from a 60 cube due to the purchase of a new house. My only real concern was the IM stand, like you the cost was a bit much. Additionally it was a bit to tall for the desired location of the tank. I came across your posts, your stand solution made my day. If I may, how has the tank/stand worked out for you? The stand does not have any shelves inside, correct? Thank you for your post!