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  1. Thanks for the insight, good luck with the tank!
  2. How is the IM Ghost Skimmer working out for you, I have heard good and bad? I have an IM 30 L, contemplating a skimmer, as you know space is at a premium in the rear chambers, want to get the best skimmer I can that will fit, Thanks!
  3. Love the tank, am actually contemplating getting one, downsizing from a 60 cube due to the purchase of a new house. My only real concern was the IM stand, like you the cost was a bit much. Additionally it was a bit to tall for the desired location of the tank. I came across your posts, your stand solution made my day. If I may, how has the tank/stand worked out for you? The stand does not have any shelves inside, correct? Thank you for your post!
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