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  1. Its crazy, i went on a vaca 2 weeks ago for couple days, and boy oh boy, i missed my fish soo much
  2. i used a cheap iron stank and built a wooden frame around it to make it look new
  3. who got some SICK tenuis to share with us lol
  4. ABzReef

    Need some help

    do you have a picture? it could be bubbles from skimmer, or return pump oor wave maker,
  5. so many dendro!!! i want one. lol " sharing is caring bro"
  6. i love this, this is a really nice a simple setup!!.
  7. wow nice, I am looking forward for this
  8. i have something like this that i haven't been able to figure out,, something chews the whole base of my zoas
  9. I use fluvial Cob lights, love it
  10. hello everyone, I live in southern Maryland, I am a full time student and can not afford a Par Meter, How can i borrow one from here?? couple people have told me " WAMAS have one to share" help is appreciated ( it won't let me access the par Meter forums)
  11. Look up fishtanksservices located in waldorf md
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