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  1. I just got one from Rudy in the auction, I haven't used it yet but you're welcome to borrow it. Where are you at?
  2. Good to hear! I'll send you a PM to get in touch
  3. Wow man I hadn’t seen his thread before, building your own tank is awesome! If you wouldn’t mind me picking your brain: Where did you order the glass from and how expensive were the pieces? How did you go about getting the silicone together onto the seams before the silicone started drying and made a film on the top? Did the masking tape to hold it together for curing work well or would you use a wooden frame doing this again? I’d love to put together my own cube aquarium in the future, I’d love to take a look at this some time and chat about it. Great work! For the rock, you could look for some more natural shelf pieces so that the style rock you have in there now could be more of a base and have a smoother look on top with a reef edge look to it. Post some pictures of the sump setup too, great work!
  4. Hey guys and gals, Does anyone know of a clownsifh breeder in the NoVA/DC area? I've been interested in a clownfish harem for the longest time, and in order to do so I'd like to get a large amount of juvenile clowns from the batch. Not ready to buy them immediately, but I'd like to start a conversation with a home breeder if there's any around here that anyone knows about. Thanks!
  5. Looks like you have a really nice assortment of wrasses in there, they should eat the flatworms if I’m not mistaken. Great looking tank man!
  6. Thanks! I’ll definitely take you up on the gsp offer when I get out toward Alexandria next time. And the nem had anchored himself to the Tupperware and was being stubborn so I had to let it sit in there for a couple days until he decided to move out of it haha!
  7. Man that is one gorgeous tank! Great job!
  8. That’s possible, but with them going into a back staff access area to dump it in and stealing the shark from the front touch pool exhibit it still kinda seems intentional. Maybe he doesn’t care about the animals he can’t own?
  9. Not saying you should pick it up or do this at all, but a really cool idea for the frag tank and stand that Eric has up for free would be to just plumb it into a setup and fill it with chaeto, dragons breath etc, and put a nice light over it. Now that would be alot of nutrient export. Ya know, overkill for the 22g rimless in your living room haha.
  10. Thats great point, maybe a turf scrubber is better at keeping nitrates low than chaeto is? Thats what the king of diy guy says the turf scrubber is for in the video I was talking about above. I definitely don't think its a necessity but if you have trouble keeping nitrates low in a smaller sump you might have better luck using a scrubber alongside chaeto
  11. In my understanding, a turf scrubber is a place for fast growing algae to grow that is removable, so that it grows in the sump instead of the display when you have algae that outcompetes the chaeto. Then you can scrape it off and use it as a nutrient export.
  12. The bleaching the aquarium part is insane, they did it as a distraction to get the shark out. And ya know, I would imagine that all of his fish would need to be rescued while they go to jail for awhile...
  13. Man all the algae scrubbers I've seen online are super expensive. If funding isnt a factor then you could go with one of the setups from turbosaquatics.com, I've heard and seen pictures of success stories from them. Still not super pretty looking but it goes in the sump, so maybe not the biggest deal. At something like 400$ to start with, theyre really expensive for an algae scrubber but this one at least is quite effective. As an alternative, the king of DIY guy on youtube has a decent looking algae scrubber the he makes on video, and I'd imagine that if you use a tuna flora light from kessil it'll grow algae just the same as one of the expensive kits I'm probably going to put one together to put in the new sump as well
  14. Added in baffles tonight and I’ll have two more to put in tomorrow night before I water test it. I cut holes in the tops of the two little crates where I’ll stuff filter socks into and have a place to plop media bags as the water flows out the holes and over that first baffle. Full tank shot, the sump will fill up about 3/4 of the black stand. Don’t mind the Tupperware inside, letting a new carpet anemone crawl out. Bonus carpet nem
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