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  1. VelasCorals

    True Facts: Frog Fish

    This one is great!
  2. VelasCorals

    What is your preferred salt?

    Reef Crystals!
  3. Possibly blood infection. I know we had a speaker at an event in the past that went over how to treat that with angels. Maybe someone can chime in with more details since I can't remember last week and this was years ago.
  4. VelasCorals

    Does anyone use a skimmate locker?

    I used to but now my skimmer has a float valve in the cup itself so no need for a locker anymore. My motivation for using a locker before was to avoid all the skimmate being dumped into the tank not really a maintenance thing.
  5. VelasCorals

    Red Cotton Candy Algae

    Having you tried using Vibrant?
  6. VelasCorals

    Building a Fish Room & Materials

    Forgot about the sink. A sink is crucial for a fish room!
  7. VelasCorals

    Building a Fish Room & Materials

    A dehumidifier will push out heat so you will want to exhaust that heat somewhere. I stopped using the dehumidifier and went with an exhaust fan to pump the air outside.
  8. VelasCorals

    Congratulations WAMAS Officers!

    Congrats to all. Thank you Tom for all the support over the years!
  9. VelasCorals

    Building a Fish Room & Materials

    Damaging your basement? I used 300 gallon stock tanks but there is a lot of wasted space between each tank since they are round. You can get large fiberglass tanks but the freight charge makes them at least 3x's the cost of rubbermaid stock tanks. Maybe there is someone local in the NOVA area? I know there is a great supplier for all that kind of stuff in Florida.
  10. VelasCorals

    GSP dying

    +1 or wipe it off with your fingers and put in a place with more flow and light.
  11. VelasCorals

    Building a Fish Room & Materials

    If I were to do it again I would build a large plywood tank with a pond liner. Get the exact size you need and it's cheaper than buying large tanks / vats.
  12. VelasCorals

    Zoa ID

    Regardless of the name they look amazing!
  13. Okay now you are just showing off. Easily the cleanest plumbing I’ve seen! Oh and blue PVC??? WTH!
  14. VelasCorals

    Jellyfish like creature ID

    Hhaha the video on my choppy connection at work looks like some UFO video. Almost looks like a baby upsidedown jelly. Let us know if you ID.