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  1. New Location - Harkin's District is my new home.. Updates regarding the tank after i get settled in, reboot !
  2. Here's a few new inhabitants added this past month from Dr. Mac. Ha! Elliot my Dwarf Moray Eel seems to like the Rhodactis garden. Adding a four(4) head Doser 2 and removing the two(2) head unit to be utilize on a separate system.
  3. If you absolutely need an add-on solution. This 0.35 micron pleated filter is more appropriate.
  4. Spectrapure has a 0.2 micron ZetaZorb sediment cartridge. I have one on my Spectrapure unit and it is capable of holding five times more dirt than say, 1 micron.
  5. Working on a solution to make water changes and acclimation procedure simple.
  6. EcoTech Radion XR15 Pro, Gen 3 Radion at 100%, standard lens SQ-520 Quantum Sensor at 17inches below the fixture PAR Measurement of 362.5 with immersion correction enabled.
  7. Thanks! Utilized two pieces of Indonesian rock from Dr. Mac.
  8. Day 3! I'm not too impressed with the Radion.. "Disco Affect".. Well, let's see how much PAR this fixture puts out, which will be my next update!
  9. +1 for Grainger, but you may have to wait a day or two for availability at a local branch.
  10. Looks like i'm finally setting up a Eheim Aquastyle that i won in a giveaway, 2011. I'll dust it off and get this thing going! Eheim Aquastyle 9G Aquarium EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 Pro, gen 3 Tunze NanoStream 6040 Fluval E50 Watt Heater ATO, TBD Indonesian Live Rock, 8 Pounds Two Little Fishies OutSanding Live Fine Grain Sand
  11. With an introductory price of $764.91 for standalone Alkalinity monitoring and control, $719.91 if you have a ProfiLux.
  12. Looks like i'll have to make space for GHL's KH Director in the coming months. A future update will support dosing for the Triton Method. Other elements can be automatically dosed based on the Alkalinity measurement. Image by GHL
  13. EasyBooster has been mounted and supply line. I'm just waiting for the Easy Connect 25 to arrive.
  14. I'm quite satisfied with the function aspect of my system but i am constantly trying to make it look more appealing. Building my own sump allowed me to fit everything that i wanted in such a confined space.
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