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  1. I got a new blue reef chromis about two days ago from live aquaria and up until now he's been fine. Swimming in the open with no signs of distress. This morning during weekly maintanance he was fine, but when I went down to feed everyone I found him breathing heavenly on his side behind some live rock at the back of the tank. He seems to be having trouble controlling is swimming and cant move against the current in the tank, at one point almost got cough in the condi. Picture below is his current position, again still breathing heavily. Only thing I can think of is a did a .8 dkh Alk adjustment this morning, but everyone else in the tank is fine. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, I've never had a chromis before so not sure what's going on. Thank you Tank 90gal Sump 25 gal Ca 425 Alk 8. Ph 8.2 Nitrate 0 Phospaht 0 -. 02 Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Awsome, Thank you very much for the help. I'll just let them be.
  3. Good afternoon, I am relatively new to the hobby I have only had my setup for three months, and I need some help making an ID on something i found this morning. The attached pictures appear to by a juvenile anemone. The reason I came to this conclusion is when outstretched it has tentacles with purple tips and when disturbed it retreats inside itself similar to my Condy anemone (first picture). Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thank you. Some background on the tank in case its helpful, I got the tank and equipment from a friend who had it for years. It is established with a few different trumpet corals, one Condy anemone, a few craps and snails, and one black clown fish. I haven't made any additions to the tank since I got it as I still working on learning all the chemistry and testing.
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