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  1. I am moving to Germany and need to tear down my 120g tank and re-home all the livestock that include a Huma Huma Trigger and Niger Trigger that play very well together, a Sailfin Blennie and a Staghorn Yellow Damsel. Others claim to want the Flame Hawk but he might still be in the mix. I have at least 100lbs of 9 year old live rock and two of the pieces have actively growing shelf coral on them. If you can find a home I am happy to help transfer them. Pls let me know soonest because if you cant find a home for them I need to find a fish store (Centreville, Supreme Reef, Congressional, etc) who might take them. 


    we also have 2 hermit crabs in a nice 20g high set up with a stand.



  2. Hi; I am about to buy salt mix. I used FFX County water; live in Falls Church. I use a RO Buddy system. I have problems with high nitrates (may or may not be a factor here). Is there a preferred salt mix by users of FFX county water? I sea (ha) that Red Sea Coral Pro is best for use with soft water. I don't know what kind of water we have.
  3. Just Dave; good info; thanks for taking the time; I can build out a mini-project plan to help me get through this; my hope is, obviously, not to lose any fish in the transition; I have a pair of clowns for 7 years
  4. Oracle reader; thnX. assume after transferring the l/r, I can almost immediately transfer fish; do I have to 'float' them again. where does one get 'bottled bacteria'. thnX again
  5. transitioning from 7year old 65g saltwater set up with hang on over flow and protein skimmer to 120g saltwater set up; 'all in one - reef ready' from Artfully Acryllic; 120g is going in exact spot 65g currently sits; will take some time, to set up the 120g system as it is new to me; tank on stand, proper placement, run power cords, etc. appreciate thoughts/input on transition and substrate; more on LED lighting later Substrate: mostly fish and live rock now; have crushed coral; have a shrimp that likes to burrow QUESTION: stick with crushed coral which is least costly or go to 'sand'. Transition: Option 1: tear down 65g and move to another spot in room; set it all back up as is; when new tank is received, place, set up, prep, etc; advantage is that this gives me time to work through new set up process and prime the tank Option 2: tear down 65g; remove from house; livestock maintained in 'waterproof' bins with heat, pumps, etc; set up new tank as above; transfer livestock to tank as soon as possible. QUESTION: how is the tank primed so quickly? QUESTION: water proof bins; confirmed this morning that storage bins purchased at Home Depot yesterday are not waterproof; suggestions for containers to maintain livestock and water during this transition. the bathtub, is an option?
  6. Hi...new to WAMAS and the forum; upgrading from a 65g saltwater to 120g saltwater; acrylic (all in one) tank being built by Artfully Acrylic; I think I have crushed coral as substrate now but need to replace with new as this has been in place for 7 years; goby and shrimp have acclimated well to current substrate; thinking of CaribSea Arag-Alive Bahamas Oolite Aquarium Sand or CaribSea Arag-Alive Hawaiian Black Aquarium Gravel; have heard that sand is too fine and blows around easily; thoughts??
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