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  1. I have had the new XF350 for 1.5 months now that replace my old mp40. Very quiet! I would say it is just as quiet as my MP40WQD. And great flow!
  2. Here is one more actual data point for you. I bought two clarkiis last night and at 6am the carpet is already hosting both. Hope it continjes.
  3. That is so cool. Did you use any accessories to make the camera waterproof?
  4. I have heard that the Go Pro video camera can be used underwater. Has anyone tried this in their tank?
  5. I have something similar. Check out the Pacific Sun Calcium Reactors. There is an extensive thread at Reef Central. Much cheaper than dastaco. I run an AC mini on my 100 gal tank. Customer service is also outstanding.
  6. I run ab+ like you at an intensity of 80% for 10 hours a day. Lights are 8.5 above the water and the PAR readings at that level are 450 directly below the light. I have diffusers over my G4 pros. If you are not using diffusers your par readings will be higher. I run mostly SPS and par readings average 220 to 330. 330 is where my one of my SPS coral is at 12". I think you are running yours too high of an intensity. For moon lighting you can set all blue and purple with an intensity of 3%. You can adjust to get the effect you want. HTH
  7. Same here. Over two years running internally with no issues and super quiet.
  8. Would you accept $100?

    1. digitalsurfer


      Sorry for delay I was out of town. How about meeting me in the middle at $110.

    2. digitalsurfer


       Are you still interested in the elegance?

    3. going deep

      going deep

      yeah. but if you already have somebody interested at your asking price, dont wait for me.

  9. i have two gen4 pros with diffusers over my sps 100 gal tank. Adding the diffusers made a huge difference for me. Dont have t5 or halide experience so can't compare coloration and growth. Adjustability of intensity and spectrum and low power and heat is why I went with LEDs.
  10. Can only speak for the two I have had: rlss 8i and BK mini. I love my BK mini that I bought used. In the year that I had it, it was a quick dial in at the beginning and have not had to adjust it. Quiet as heck also!
  11. The bubble count is too low for initial setup as the reactor requires co2 saturation iinitially.
  12. Hello, I am asking the community for recommendations on a CO2 regulator. I am in the process of buying a Pacific Sun CalcFeeder Pro AC mini and the only regulator they do not recommend is the AP carbon doser. The regulator will be tank cabinet that is well ventilated. Appreciate any feedback on what you all are using.
  13. +1 on the GHL Doser 2.1. Easy to use and programmable. Switch from the litermeter w/two pump attachment. The litermeter is reliable but not as user friendly for me. If you interested, they are available.
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