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  1. Ricko4

    Dmb092182 75 gallon SPS Tank

    Interested in what settings your Hydras are at. ,sound like I'm running the same set up,,3 hydra 25hd and 2 T5 blue specials on a125 gallon , just don't know what setting to have them or light schedule . . . Thanks again. , oh and I too would be interested in those sps, lol
  2. Ricko4

    D805’s Red Sea 260

    What T5 bulbs are you running, and would you be able to share your light schedule, , , ,colors look amazing !!
  3. Ricko4

    RoDi wrench needed

    Awesome , thanks Chuck Need some salt too, so I'll place the order thru BRS while I'm at it. .
  4. Ricko4

    RoDi wrench needed

    Hello everyone, recently moved and for the life of me I can not find the wrench to change the filters on the rodi unit. Any idea where to find one or if any one has an extra laying around , it would be appreciated. I work in Bethesda Md, and live in Germantown Thanks in advance
  5. Ricko4

    great corals/great service

    Do you have any torches left, if so any pictures or prices, you can pm me for my cell.if easier Thanks
  6. Ricko4

    Algae problem

    Not to cut in, but I have cyanobacteria, I think , can blow it off with a turkey baster,. . Any ideas of how to get rid off it, ,bought a few hermit crabs and snails
  7. Ricko4

    Instant Ocean salt sale

    Let me know if you need some help, I'm a minute away from the silver spring area , always willing to help a fellow reefer
  8. Ricko4

    New batch of SPS colonies

    Wow,!! Those are some awesome pictures. .
  9. Ricko4

    Which Led on 6ft tank

    Thanks everyone, I always see this as a hot topic and one of the toughest decisions as it's one of the most expensive. T5's, Led, brand, price, features and the list goes on and on. I'm married with children, so we'll see what or how much $$ wife lets me play with,,
  10. Ricko4

    Which Led on 6ft tank

    Photon 24 vs. Evergrow IT2060, , Looks like it's the same light, , any thoughts over one or the other
  11. Ricko4

    Which Led on 6ft tank

    Awesome,! Thank you, just joined WAMAS yesterday and I've been glued all day .. Lol
  12. Ricko4

    Which Led on 6ft tank

    Basic black boxes off Ebay,Chinese Led boxes
  13. Ricko4

    Which Led on 6ft tank

    Currently have 4 basic Led lights in my 125 gallon 6 ft long tank and would like to take it to the next level. Have been Looking at the following lights: Kessil 360WE - 1 puck Hydra 52 - 4 puck Hydra 26 - 2 puck Radion xr15 pro - 1 puck Radion xr30 pro - 2 puck Would need 3 units as the tank has 2 brakets leaving the top of the tank with 3 openings.units run from $350 - $800 a piece, like the wireless capability and able to control unit with cellphone device Thanks again for any feedback or suggestions
  14. Ricko4

    CBS - Skeeter needs a new home

    Might be to late but I would luv to add the CBS to my 48 gallon addition,thanks