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  1. Wow, that looks awesome. Ive seen videos of them on National Geographic. Didn’t know you can keep them. Need more info and videos.
  2. I’m neither a light expert nor familiar with those Current USA led. But if the retro fit package costs more than $100 without the bulbs, I would rather ditch the whole thing and switch to a more capable led. Even an el cheapo Marsaqua unit like mine has no problem satisfying BTA at only 30-40% blues and 10-15% white. Is there a RAZOR unit for sale here? That’s even better than mine.
  3. Check out BRSTV on Youtube. They tested Kessil 360WE a couple of times. They showed that Kessil Logic allowes you to vary the overall color of the light, but the core spectrum changes very little. Like madweazl alluded to, our eyes are a lot more perceptive to "whiter" colors.
  4. Thank you for the tips. I may make that (raising clownfish) a future project, when my kids are all grown. The more pressing concern at the moment is to move that neon green toadstool away from the RBTA. It has retracted for about 10 days now. I think it may have been harassed by the RBTA.
  5. What a coincidence.......I was gonna chime in on the quality of your (fish) babies on the For Sale thread. They’re fabulous. 👏🤩 And the price is more than fair. Too bad I can only have one pair at this time. When I’m in of a second pair, I will definitely check with you.
  6. Yeah, that’s the concensus I’ve been getting; that none will make it on its own. No big deal, I never intended to breed them anyway. I was actually shocked that, given the nature of my tank (KISS), they even spawned. Thank you for your feedback and a wonderful article.
  7. Sounds ironic, but it's true. I guess it comes down predatory and food source availability. And that's why it boggled my mind the first time I saw the juvenile A. panduro hiding in the bushes of Java fern in my community tank. I hope I can keep providing the right environment for my clown to continue to spawn. And one day I would be pleasantly surprised by the present of a baby clown hiding in an anemone. Wishful thinking, perhaps................... Thank you and Eric (epleeds) for the feedback.
  8. From what I read online says the same things that baby clown fish need a lot of TLC to get them to survive. So, what happens in nature......what do they do to survive? Hiding in the anemone??? When I had my Australian Rainbow fish tank, I had a pair of A. Panduro. They spawned, and one of the fries survive to adulthood on its own even though there were a LOT of other fish in that same tank. It would be sooooo cool to have at least one makes it...............
  9. So 3 days ago I discovered that my pair of Clarkii had spawned. I got them from Petco about a year ago. I don't know if they've done it before, but I had noticed that sometimes they stayed behind the rock for a few days at a time. I just rearranged the rocks 2 days earlier. The eggs are between two RBTAs and facing the front. I never really expect to see eggs because my tank is low maintenance; no sump, skimmer, GFO, nor GAC. I haven't changed water for 2 months, but I dose 20ml BRS 2-part every two days. I feed once a day, twice on weekend, with frozen mysis, clam and LRS reef frenzy. Now my question to those who have clownfish spawning often, what are the chances of having one or two babies surviving in a community reef tank?
  10. As others had pointed out, as long as it’s in good shape and not melting, you have nothing to worry about. It will open when it feels like it. Toadstools are finicky, but adaptable. I have mine about 2 inches below a direct flow from an MP10. Its placed in the middle of tank and about 5 inches higher than my RBTAs. It’s grown from a quarter-size to about six inches diameter. It goes into close mode frequently for 2-3 days at a time. Ive never feed it directly, so I’m not sure if rubbing food on it would help.
  11. When I switched from FW to SW, I kinda knew the simple bases. Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and tank cycle. I knew how to monitor and check those elements using API kit. But I failed with salinity. I used a refractometer to check it, but that refractometer was calibrated for a different type of solution. My salinity was about 1.045 for the first 6 months or so, as I watched almost all corals and cleanup crew melted. Only the fish and one polyp of eagle eye zoa survived. I have my share of milky water too, using soda ash container instead of kalk, but nothing died.
  12. At their price point, they'd better be a lot better than just "fancier" CBBs. My $150 Marsaqua unit has been fine for my noob tank. I only wish for dimming/timing controls. But I won't pay $600 extra just for that feature.
  13. I have 2 MP10s on my 40B. They're only 25-30% on reefcrest mode. Love them. But since you can't angle them, you have play with their position a bit so that you can have surface agitation and bottom flow at the same time. They are quiet, but NOT silent. I've been tempted to try the shear flow of the gyre pump. Check For Sale forum here and other saltwater sites often. I got a BNIB MP10wqd for $200 shipped. Doubt Black Friday deal can beat that.
  14. It might help with prices listed....................and location.
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