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  1. newbie2014

    What's your biggest oops?

    When I switched from FW to SW, I kinda knew the simple bases. Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and tank cycle. I knew how to monitor and check those elements using API kit. But I failed with salinity. I used a refractometer to check it, but that refractometer was calibrated for a different type of solution. My salinity was about 1.045 for the first 6 months or so, as I watched almost all corals and cleanup crew melted. Only the fish and one polyp of eagle eye zoa survived. I have my share of milky water too, using soda ash container instead of kalk, but nothing died.
  2. newbie2014

    Orphek light

    At their price point, they'd better be a lot better than just "fancier" CBBs. My $150 Marsaqua unit has been fine for my noob tank. I only wish for dimming/timing controls. But I won't pay $600 extra just for that feature.
  3. newbie2014

    Gyre or traditional Powerheads

    I have 2 MP10s on my 40B. They're only 25-30% on reefcrest mode. Love them. But since you can't angle them, you have play with their position a bit so that you can have surface agitation and bottom flow at the same time. They are quiet, but NOT silent. I've been tempted to try the shear flow of the gyre pump. Check For Sale forum here and other saltwater sites often. I got a BNIB MP10wqd for $200 shipped. Doubt Black Friday deal can beat that.
  4. newbie2014

    Getting out of the Hobby - 90 Gallon Set-Up

    It might help with prices listed....................and location.
  5. newbie2014

    Instant Ocean vs. Reef Crystals

    Understood. These are Coralife salt parameters off DFS website: Specific Gravity: 1.021-1.023 pH: 8.2 to 8.3 Calcium: 390 to 410 ppm Magnesium: 1,110 to 1.250 ppm With weekly 10 gallon WC on my ~44 gallon system; SG: 35ppt Alk~ 8.6ppm Cal~380ppm Mg~1250ppm Tested w/ Salifert kits a few hours after WC. So, right away I have to lock in the Mg and Cal, then add Alk every two days to keep it at 8.0-8.6. Would be nice to have Cal and Mg a little higher for the base line.
  6. newbie2014

    Instant Ocean vs. Reef Crystals

    Yep. I, too, just read that post this morning. Also I've been trying to decide b/w IO and RC to minimize dosing. Right now I use Coralife, and I have to dose 2-part to keep up.
  7. newbie2014

    New Kessil 360 models announced

    $100 more than the a360W-E is a tough to swallow. The ad says it’s 25% brighter (not PAR), but it consumes the same 90W max? They should at least include a built-in programming and WiFi. Less wires to look at, and I can program it to turn on and off without needing another accessory. Doesn’t white spectrum have red and green as well? I would prefer they take out the red and green diodes instead.
  8. newbie2014

    What is going on with these ZOA'S bubbling up?

    Directly under the (LED) light would result in more PAR vs off to the side, even at the same height.
  9. newbie2014

    2 Part Vs. Kalkwasser Vs. CARX

    I started with BRS kalk in my ATO reservoir. Didn't work too well. Maybe it was the way I implemented it. So, I switched to BRS 2-part. It has worked much better. My system consumes ~ 0.3dKh/day, so I just manually dose 10ml/day of Soda ash solution to bring it back up. My daily Calcium consumption is negligible.
  10. newbie2014

    Black Storms to Host?

    Yeah, it can be tricky to get BTA to host regular ocellaris or perculas. It's not their natural host. Mine were the same way. But once I switched to Clarkii, no problem. They dived right in within five second I introduced the RBTA. Some suggested starting feeding the clown very close to BTA to entice them to go in.
  11. newbie2014

    Tunze Replacement Pumps?

    From what I’ve read, the included tunze pump is a dc pump. You can wire any dc pump ( like litremeter) directly. But for any ac pump, then you’ll need the osmolator switch socket. At the socket price of $80, you can buy 4 replacement pumps.
  12. newbie2014

    Aqua Illumination LEDs

    I don't have any of these fancy LED's. But, I've read/heard similar praises about the Kessils. It's virtually plug-and-play. It's nice to be able to play and adjust the LED spectrums. But, unless you really know what you're doing, you may end up causing more harms than goods. I'm waiting for a good sale on the AP700. ​
  13. newbie2014

    Anyone own a Olympus TG-5?

    I see. It shows how little I know about this camera. However, the Olympus website warns that using tele and fish-eye converters with render the camera less “tough”???
  14. newbie2014

    Anyone own a Olympus TG-5?

    I have the TG-4 also. It's a compact with built-in zoom lenses, not interchangeable lenses. So, I don't know what you meant by "using other lenses...."
  15. newbie2014

    I bought a fish at PETCO

    FWIW, I've had better luck with fish bought from Petco vs wamas members. I think the difference is I can observe the fish at the store before buying vs getting one that had already been bagged by the previous owner.