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  1. I would like to help out.
  2. Went to BRK today and they had just gotten in the new PURGE AEFW treatment by Underwater Creations. here is a link to a product review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywyVfeKAsL8
  3. haha yeah I might have found a new favorite since the last time I posted on here
  4. So I switched up this system a lot and been through a move as well. But I switched my focus to more of what I enjoy from the hobby, which is growing coral.
  5. 2 gatorade zoas 4 radioactive dragon eye 6 blow pop's
  6. update 8/1/15 just picked up this sick chalice!!
  7. here's one i've been coloring up its getting green in it. and has a red and orange rim
  8. Wanted to share the beauty of these corals with every one hope you enjoy.
  9. Thanks! I wish it was the fox flame but it's just a no name that I enjoy
  10. In time I'm waiting for my sps to take off I'm a perfectionist so I am judging of my tank and feel it needs a few months to mature
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