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  1. So it's been a bit since i've updated this bad boy! I've had some really good ups and really ANNOYING downs! Ever since moving to a bigger tank that bloomed with coraline algae (not a bd thing of course) my hand at water chemistry has taken a massive advancement! I had somethings that were flourishing and others that were taking a massive hit. Alkalinity and all the other elements that go hand and hand with it took a massive plunge. So after finally getting into the dosing game my SPS has finally taken flight! I am actually pretty excited about it...pretty cool...but on the other hand i've become an expert at melting Acan's. apparently my water may be a little TOO clean which i've never had a problem with but i took such precautions early on and did it so well that some of these corals that need a little dirtier water don't survive for very long. I will probably try to tone back the "cleaning" aspect and cutback on skimmer usage and maybe something else...i don't know what but i'll give it a try. FEEL FREE TO SHOOT MY ANY IDEAS!! On the fish side...pretty good. I had a Potters Angel that almost bleached out due to early stress with a Coral Beauty but purchased some pellets that brought back it's color ASAP!! After a couple Kamikazee Flame Angels took their final dive only one has remained but thank goodness it had already begun the process of it's transition. As usual thanks to everyone on this board for all the info and help provided over the years!!!
  2. Howdy!! I've got a 135.4 that's been running for about 6-7 months... I live in Fairfax by the court house just off 66 if you're ever in the area. PM me or text if you're interested. 703-328-6509 Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. I KNOW!!! now it's a race to see which one maaaaaay decide to "become a man"!!!
  4. A quick "family" preview pic! [emoji7][emoji91][emoji91] Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. Thank you as well!! For sure!! Gonna quote ya on that [emoji6][emoji1787]! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you thank you! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. Rome wasn't built in a day....it was built on a snow day!!!! the final powerhead has been put in place and together they are kickin' up a ton of crappola. The current coral placement is not permanent but placed to make sure they make it (fingers crossed). So far everthing has been flourishing...where have T5's been all my life?? I also fitted the Orphek Sky Blue LED's on both sides of the ATI and couldn't be happier. Hopefully in a couple months SPS will be a willing participant in my aqua paradise! Excited about a few fish on their way and will update ASAP when they take the plunge!
  8. That sump.....Love at first sight...NICE!! Keep it up! totally following.
  9. A quick lighting preview and some more inhabitants slowly moving in...Going with the oversized skimmer cause....i can i guess...haha!! plus planning on having a well stocked tank so just playin it safe!
  10. I just wanted to chime in on your project with a side note... I think what you're doing is AAAAAAAAAMAZING!!! Virtually the only reason I got into marine interest was from a teacher I had in high school..and if not for him, there's a strong chance I wouldn't have finished school due to a lack of interest in anything in high school BUT his class. So I hope you can keep this up and it that it probably means a lot more than you could imagine to some of these kids...especially the ones that don't necessarily demonstrate it. Good luck!! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. My Waterbox Waiting area...currently everyone and everything is waiting in this Elos Midi 36...Some things have been stung...need this cycle to start movin' along...slowly but surely!!
  12. The project is somewhat slow moving but moving along all the same. The Cycle has officially started and couldn't be more excited. Decided to go with dry sand and dry rock to try and keep all pests and nuisance at bay. Never done it before so am very interested on how it goes. Decided to go with the Vectra S1 as my return pump and I'm already super happy with it...but then again...it's only been a couple days. Will throw in a couple MP 40's and figure out what to put on the back wall to get some constant forward movement...maybe a Tunze?? have also decided to change up my Lighting scheme and dabble in the T5 world since i would really like to work on my SPS "green Thumb". So I'll probably go with a dimmable ATI with some LED strips. Per usual anybody up for throwin' in their 2 cents is very much welcome. Loved splittin' up the scape by the way YHSublime!
  13. Hey how's it going!? Yes, so the right side has two good sized plates, one stacked on the other... Left side has that big round sloping slab... And random rock just as kick stands. Haha. Def can be moved around. Found the tank in Philly! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. The excuse to the significant other was "consolidation"..."yeah babe...we have to consolidate the 30 gallon and the 50 gallon into one!"...."those poor creatures need the room to swim"..."do it for the kids"... You guys know how it is;) Anyways I found a great deal on R2R on this brand spankin new Waterbox 135.4 and once i saw it in person...It had to be mine. My primary goals for this tank are to finally dabble into the SPS realm along with continuing my destructive Torch coral passion along with just about every other Euphyllia family member. Will probably keep an decent sized anemone and maybe a carpet as well...depends on my fish selection of course but I have been very lucky with my carpets so far so will keep the fingers crossed. When it comes to fish, Would love to keep a few angels and wrasses...hopefully keep the peace and harmony. I'd like to keep most of my gear Ecotech related due to just trying to stream line any adjustments on the same platform. As always any suggestions or critiques are perfectly welcome. This forum has been soooo good to me so I'm keepin my trust with ya'll!! Thanks Everyone!
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