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  1. No specific recommendations or feedback yet, just some sentiment: welcome back to the show!
  2. Have been running an two-year-old AI Prime over my Fusion for a while now and just added a brand new AI Prime to the mix. I was able to have the original be the parent and the new run as the child. However, the new one's deep red LED will not turn off, no matter what I put the settings on. For example, I set everything to 0% and the whole array will be dark while I'm on the editing page. However, the deep red will still be at around 5% or so after I back out of the editing page. There are different channels/arrays on the old and the new light, for what that's worth. Can get pics and serial numbers if that helps at all this evening. Thanks for looking and for any help anyone can provide!
  3. Love lagoons, looking forward to seeing how this goes.
  4. Really like the reclaimed wood look of the stand and the rockwork looks great. Excited to see how this comes along. Re: cycling, I've always kept the lights on their normal schedule for my nanos but that's just anecdotal.
  5. jwalsh

    Fluval edge 6

    Nice. A 1.5-2 inch sandbed can do most of of the bio work IMO, so prioritize your rock around how you want to aquascape. I love that lagoon tank. Yes, juvenile clowns would be just fine for a year or so.
  6. Lotta action since the last post. Had some major alk swings that overtook a few corals, sold or swapped some things out, some "out of the house" fatalities, and one stinging situation that leads us to today: [/url] Had been fishless for a few months while things stabilized in the tank and I could find a Saturday to be at home to receive an order. Finally made the plunge for this guy: Yeeeeees. This is a sunburst anthias in a five gallon. Noooooo, this is not a permanent home nor is it recommended. I made sure to get a 1.5 inch fellow and am able to spot feed him twice a day. Two weeks in, he's gaining mass and seems mostly acclimated. They definitely are a timid species, so a peninsula 5 gallon helps with visibility. Currently doing a low-level battle with montipora-eating nudibranchs. Its under control, just trying to get it completely solved so curious if anyone's had any successes they can share.
  7. jwalsh

    Fluval edge 6

    Way too kind, Tricia. Hi Joshifer. (Great name, by the way.) Check out my five gallon startup thread: http://wamas.org/forums/topic/67479-fluval-spec-v-five-gallon/ It's still going, though hard to believe it's been a year and a half since I've posted and update. I'll tackle that later, but what's there might be helpful. Nano-reef.com is a great community to check out for us smaller tank folks and I a more thorough startup thread there too: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/347648-steaming-pile-of-spec-fluval-spec-v-build-thread/ For your 6 gallon, rtelles is right that a pair of clowns is doable, but not the best. I tried some in my five gallon and because they're so active, they metabolize thus poop above their weight class. Pistol/goby combo plus a smaller blenny and a skunk or blood shrimp for movement could be nice. GSP and xenia is perfect, acans and other mellow LPS can be good additions too. For lighting, search Nano-reef for how people have successfully modded the Edge. The main advice is take it slow. Everyone says that, but I've been doing nanos since 2002 and can promise that you will never regret letting your parameters figure themselves out after a few months before do substantial stocking. That small of a volume of water means it doesn't take much for the dominos to fall. That said, get some familiarity with how your tank reacts (test, test, test), let the bacteria do its thing, and nanos can be a much simpler and smaller headache than the bigger cousins.
  8. jwalsh

    5g pico

    Yeah, there's only so much a phone can do. I'm just impressed that you're getting true color out of it. My iPhone 4 soaks up the blues and makes for frustrating pictures.
  9. jwalsh

    5g pico

    Nice phone pics! What phone are you using?
  10. jwalsh

    5g pico

    Looking good, the rockwork looks better spread out. How are you liking the Koralia in there? Do you have it on a controller or anything to modify the flow?
  11. jwalsh

    5g pico

    Hooray for another Spec V! Folks over at Nano-Reef.com say the Spinstream cuts down on flow too much, even with a MJ 606, just FYI. If you do try it, please let me know how you like it, since I've been trying to find a non-powerhead way to randomize flow a bit.
  12. Nice. Is his trick chaining himself above water and dramatically escaping?
  13. Do you always sleep upside down? And it was great seeing the tank in-person. That second sunburst show back up yet?
  14. Here's what glueing down frags looks like in a five gallon. Just take the water level down to where the lowest frag will be placed, then fill it back up. Total exposure time under five minutes if it's planned right. And as you can see, colors in my SPS are pretty lacking, the acros especially. Blues, purples, and pinks are just absent, with brown the color du jour. Here is my "brownout" thread over on Nano-Reef detailing everything. Would appreciate feedback any of you might have as well.
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