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  1. i think it will color up and end up being some rare piece...so i'll take the first frag... :-)
  2. I started with a 55 gallon fresh water when i was 14, then went and got in SCUBA diving and took a couple trips. My parents wouldn't let me change to saltwater til I was on my own since they had to take care of the freshwater when I went to school.
  3. I got him at BRK. I know the have a much larger one there.
  4. It wasn't a fan of taking pictures....it has been coloring up each day.
  5. They do all get along....the sohal and yellow tang are probably 3-4 inches and i have had them for over a couple years. I actually added the chocolate tang about 2 weeks ago. he is a little bigger than the other two...about 4-5 inches. I have had no issues at all since adding the third one and they all get along. They actually at moments act like schooling fish and then after they take a swim just relax together. I guess talking about what they want to do next.
  6. We have a Yellow Tang, Sohal Tang, Chocolate Tang (one of my favorites), Blue Spotted Jawfish (other favorite), Aussie Assessor (becoming my favorite), Clown, PJ Cardinals, Chromis, fairy wrasse, scooter blenny, yellow watchman goby with pistol shrimp. I am done with fish other than a black cap basslet. Tomasa has one in her tank and he is great, he comes out and says hello a lot. I have a pretty heavy bioload and doing lots of water changes. Tomasa likes all the motion going on....and they love feeding times. Ok..i will stop rambling. Hope everyone has a great day.
  7. We have had this up and running for about two years but it really was a FOWLR. Tomasa did an excellent job taking care of the fish and me during those two years. Now we are giving the tank some TLC that it needs. A little about the tank....125 gallon, 55 gallon tank used as the sump with a DELTEC skimmer, TLF reactor, UV sterlizer and a couple pumps in there. We recently added about another 20 gallons of water and are using that as a refugium. The currently lighting system is a Hamilton 6ft 3x250watt, 4x39watt, which i will be switching out for LEDS soon. The MH are run with a double galaxy ballast and a single ballast. We have a few nuisance things in the tank but they are slowly going away. The wrasse is enjoying the flatworms and the peppermint shrimp is enjoying the aptisia. The algae we had is slowly going away with weekly water changes. I won't tell you how long the last one was but we have done two in the last couple of weeks. Tomasa is enjoying it so much she actually has a biocube 29 gallon that she has looking really nice. I will ask her to get on her and take some pics. I have a few pics I will add that I took with my phone....hopefully the next batch you will see big improvements with the tank and the nuisance creatures. Thanks Tomasa and Mike... Hope you enjoy some of the pics!!!!
  8. There is a nice path to the door front.....thanks for the great looking stuff.
  9. thanks.....yeah i was hoping that i would be able to do some stuff but couldn't get out of the bed for awhile, i am glad Tomasa got me back into it yes, she is still in my life (thank goodness)...LOL...nice catch not how i intended it to come out but I got a good laugh out of it
  10. Saw the gorgonians yesterday they were definitely incredible. Can't wait til I get this tank back in shape!!!
  11. Thank you to everyone for the welcome backs...We are located in Haymarket, VA.
  12. Hello...My name is Mike and my better half is Tomasa. We are looking forward to getting back to all the benefits of being a member of WAMAS. I left a few years ago because of a broken leg but things are on the mend and I have Tomasa to thank for that. She was a true gem!!! We currently have a 125g with rock and fish, a few mushrooms and a cabbage coral. The lighting we have is 3x250w MH and 4x39w T5's. The tank is currently is in I need a little TLC please shape, so that is what Tomasa and I are going to do. We are going to work towards getting some acro's in the tank, Tomasa really likes the LPS and actually already has some that she is watching in another tank :-). She has been extremely excited to get the tank running and seeing how beautiful these tanks can be, she has gotten me excited about it again. She is much better at taking pictures, and I know she wanted to do some before and after pictures, they will be coming soon. I hope those that I have met before are doing well and look forward to meeting new members at socials, etc. Already meet a member at BRK yesterday. Yes, Tomasa knows you can't put a goldfish in a reef tank!!! For the member we met yesterday.
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