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  1. I'd like to say thank you for the thrive ruffled at the meeting. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. finally decided to show off my tank. so here we go tank 90g aga with a left center overflow filter aga mega flow model 2 coral life protein skimmer rated 125g (pos) lighting coral life pro 2 ushio 150w mh bulbs and 2 sunpaq 420/460 96w pc 2 12.5" ecoxotic stunner strips 453nm blue flow jebao wp40 2 koralia i think they are the older model 3 dc 12000 return pump powered by a reef keeper light fish 4 blue chromis 2 breeding ocellaris clownfish 1 sixline wrasse 1 firefish 1 lawnmower blenny 1 yellow tang 1 female lyretail anthia corals zoas watermelons fire & ice greenbay packers radio active dragons hulk rastas purple people eaters tubb blues yellow palys tequlia sunrise zoas with a pink ring dont know the name zoas with a red ring dont know the name gsp purple mushroom red with white strips mushrooms lps frogspawn hammer acans duncans blasto rainbow chalice meteor shower galaxea green goni sps birdsnest - red, green, and ponape monti - red, green, and purple green slimer tri color red planet forest fire digi & purple rainbow pocci setosa spongeode hydnophora green tort california tort other 1 rose bubble tip 1 rainbow bubble tip 1 rock anemone sun coral torch and im gonna need your help on a couple of corals maybe 5 or so cuc turbos astrias red/blue leg hermits bristle/fire worms clear long tube worm forget the name right now pest im trying to take care of aiptasia (overflow) majonos (slowly going away) colonial hydriods (gotta find a fish or invert to kill) bubble algae xenia
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