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  1. They will sting and irritate your zoas to death. Bigger polyp palys can withstand it but the smaller polyps will close up and eventually melt. I had them in the past and they did not just go away on their own and stayed for over 4 awful years. They are the worst pest IMO. The ONLY thing that went after them at all (and with vengeance) were the almighty copperband butterfly. They hunted them down almost exclusively and 90% were gone within two days. I watched them go from one digitate hydroid to another. It was so satisfying to see. But of course copperbands are very difficult to keep so that presented another issue. If you do consider copperbands, make sure you pick ones that appear to like searching and hunting the substrates.
  2. You beat me to it. This is really scary. Many years ago when I first started the hobby, I boiled a bunch of rocks to kill aiptasia (and other corals on the rocks) and ended up with pneumonia. I didn’t know better. It’s no joke!
  3. Professionally done! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. AI Hydra 52s? I had those. The controller was a nightmare like a lot of owners had indicated. The LEDs were awesome but the controller kept crashing and taking the LEDs down. After 6 months I finally gave up and got rid of them. Hopefully they released a firmware update to fix it. It was such a good looking unit though.
  5. I love watching my mated pair of clown fish and admire their loyalty. Whenever I've had enough of my wife, I'd go and look at them. They have helped me keep everything I worked so hard for. I wished I had found this hobby during my first marriage. You should look into automating your system. Get a Litermeter III and you won't have to do anymore water changes.
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