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  1. I have a spec V freshwater planted on my desk at work as well! I love those tanks and fits in my desk perfectly. I keep shrimp only so i dont have to worry about feeding over long weekends
  2. Good idea with the rigid tubing, would hate to have to walk away from my desk and drain 5Gal on the floor
  3. I've gotten a nod from everyone that matters. I'm more worried about it becoming a distraction, which they will have an issue with. Out of sight - out of mind is what i'm going for. That and i'm trying to not make a mess all over my desk.
  4. So i'm going to put a Fluval Spec V on my desk at work and i'm looking for creative ideas on how to do water changes without a ton of tubing and homer buckets. Trying to avoid everyone in the building asking questions. Its going to be in a corner so i wont have a lot of room to work with, I was thinking an aqua lifter to put water in from a container(trash can?) under the desk. Not sure what the best way would be to get water out and to a sink. Anyone have tanks at work? What do you do?
  5. Your clean up crew will eat it, but it's just putting those nutrients back into the water. If it's not growing out of control and it's not bothering you then you can just leave it.. Most people stress about every bit of algae in the tank and drive themselves mad in the process.
  6. There's no reason it wouldn't work if you're lily pipe supported the GPH flow you were looking for. I'm assuming you're looking at glass lily pipes? Long term your biggest issue is going to be coralline algae growing in the inside it. Otherwise you can use something like this: http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/return-jet.html Good Luck
  7. having the skimmer in the same section as the return pump is going to give you issues. I would chop the top and put the skimmer in the first section and return pump in the second. Or rig up some cool turf scrubber design using the bio ball section and skipping the skimmer all together.
  8. I'll start a build thread here soon, but Floor drain - Check, Sink - Check, Washing machine for socks and towels - Check, 30pint dehumidifier draining to said floor drain - Check, Tie in fish room to home return ducting - Not done yet. Need to talk to an HVAC pro to make sure my plan wont screw up the rest of the house HVAC first. I don't want to vent outside as I don't want to be pulling in outside air somewhere else in the house. Id rather run a small mini split than vent to the outside
  9. Think that GFO has anything to do with the bleaching? Do you blow the crud off your rocks or clean the sand? How much detritus is sitting on the bottom of the fuge? Like Surf&Turf said, what's your tests day? Remember those FTS people post are after they spent 4 hours cleaning the tank and moving the sand around. You dont see it on a random Tuesday evening
  10. 20LogR

    Pumps for pico

    I really like the Sicce pumps, They are pretty much the only brand i'll use for the small pumps now.
  11. How many people have had their neighborhoods plowed yet?
  12. My 5 year old got himself ready to go outside yesterday... He put on his rubber fire fighter boots with no socks. He stepped off the porch and his boots immediately filled with snow. He only lasted about 30 seconds outside before he went back in.
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