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  1. dante411x

    40 breeder stand question

    Simple enough problem. I want to build a stand for a 40 breeder that's larger than the tank. The dimensions of a 40 breeder are 36x18 and I was thinking of building a stand following the reefcentral diy template and adding a plywood top. But I want the stand to be 44x22. Idea is that the tank would be sitting centered on the stand with the back of the tank flush with the back of the stand. Creating a 4" shelf around it. I figure that beside it being useful to have a shelf right around the tank to put stuff on, it will also be fantastic to have extra room under the tank to give me a lot more leeway with sump/equipment. I'm just not sure if this will create structural issues. Or more like, since the stand is already extremely overbuilt with that design, if the structural issues will be a concern at all. Could use some of that awesome wamas advice here.
  2. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    Well, after a week of turning down the lights to 30%, flow down 10-15% and moving them down to the bottom, opposite and behind a rock...ish from the MP10, they are all looking much better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. dante411x

    Rodenbed's 120 Build

    Ooh. This is most excellent. I’ve been planning a 120 build in my head for a couple months and this should be most helpful. Is that the dual back overflows tank or the single corner? And what is this stand? Haven’t heard of it.
  4. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    That’s definitely possible. I’ll do that for a while and see how it goes. And yea, the pump is in the top 3rd of the wall. The coral is on the bottom on the opposite side. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    That's extremely helpful. Thank you! That said, with this info, I'm definitely ruling out too much light as the problem. There is no reason a hammer coral should be unhappy with too much light at 50-100 par. Sigh. I moved the MP10 so it's flow gets broken up a bit by the rock, it was fairly direct. I'm really not sure what to do now.
  6. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    This is my light schedule. So, going up to max 60% power and 50% color
  7. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    From center of one to the other, about 6.75” And about 13” from waterline
  8. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    I haven’t yet. Signed up for the borrowing thread but I think it’ll be a while before it gets to me. If you wanted to do that, that would be super helpful. Originally I figured that 50-60% would be about right for two lights mounted that close at that height, but that was just a very slightly educated guess
  9. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    So I just went and did some actual measuring instead of eyeballing it. The lights are almost exactly 12” from the top rim of the tank. 13.25” from water level. The hammers are all about 8-9” below the water surface. This is my light setup. All the hammer frags are in the front left corner of that pic. They are 6” away from the center of the left light and 12” away from the center of the right light. The MP10 is running in lagoon mode for most of the day at 30%. At night it goes into constant at 15%. And the salinity is checked both with conductivity probe and refractometer. I also use 35 ppt calibration fluid pretty religiously and they are always measuring exactly the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    I don’t have iodine. Actually I don’t really have any medications. That might need to get fixed. What would iodine do though? I haven’t tested calc and mag. However, there have been frequent enough water changes that I highly doubt either of those is extremely out of whack. Too much light is what I thought too. I did move them already, the tank is pretty small, hard to find a shady spot. I’ll turn all the light down 50% for a few days and see if that helps. When I say 50% I mean turning them down from 60% max to 30% max. Thing is, it already only had a photoperiod of about 4 hours at 60%. The rest of the day it was at much lower. It doesn't look like they care at all.
  11. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    fixing this
  12. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    Heh. You’re most likely right. I don’t think there’s going to be anyone holding it, not anywhere close to where I live anyway. I suppose I’ll just keep up with the maintenance and hope they make it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. dante411x

    Help figuring out what's wrong

    About 5 weeks. The rock was cycled for much longer than that. But since it was completely setup and fish added, 5 weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I really don't know how to title this better. My hammer frags have been... rather unhappy for about a week. Everything seems to be pretty stable, I've been doing all the tests constantly, but I'm getting absolutely no extension from them and there's always some... weird long strings of black looking stuff coming off of them. I just ran some more tests and got this: Salinity: 35 (apex probe and refractometer) PH: 8.2 (apex probe) Nitrate: 4 (red sea) Nitrite: 0 (red sea) Ammonia: 0 (red sea) Phosphate: 0.06 (hanna) Alkalinity: 8.68 (hanna) Temp is super stable at 78. There haven't been any real.. anything. I thought maybe there was too much flow or too much light and moved them all the way opposite the MP10 and turned the flow way down. Still no change. Lights are about 18 inches 13 inches after measuring off the water and the frags are about 10 9 inches under water, kessil A360we running at 60% max. I seriously don't know where to go from here. Everything else in the tank is happy. What's their deal... Edit: here are some terrible pictures to show what I mean.
  15. dante411x

    Need help sourcing glass for sump build

    I just bought glass at a lowe's and cut it myself. the glass cutting tool is super easy to use and costs like $2. I think I spent like $10 on 4 baffles in a 75g tank I was using as a sump (3 for return pump chamber, 1 for refugium side.