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  1. dante411x

    Can I Remove the Center Braces on this 110G

    Couldn't you just put a sheet of plywood on top of the stand that's the same dimensions as the tank? that'd transfer plenty of load onto the vertical wood pieces.
  2. dante411x

    Coldwater Tank

    the bold underlined above! you want the THICKEST acrylic you can find. ideally 2" thick, which is ridiculously expensive. As far as anything else, I'd have a chiller running at all times with a backup chiller also hooked up that's set to come on if the first one fails (temp rises above certain degree). So also a controller. They're great tanks though. And being able to actually collect for it around here... good stuff.
  3. dante411x

    Coral banded shrimp

    I'm glad he's alive and well And don't be shy about his size. That thing is a monster. He never bothered anything in my tank and my snails have reproduced at a rate that's a little alarming. But it was a big tank and he did have a lot of room. Honestly, if you see him being aggressive, toss that thing. It's worth a fraction of a fish. That was always my plan, but he never managed to kill anything. Did like waving his claws. I never got the te*****lar fortitude to see if he would eat from my hand. I like my fingers a bit too much for that
  4. dante411x

    RoDi setup and storage?

    I used a 20 gallon aquarium from petco ($1 per gallon sale, 20 bucks, hard to beat) on my 210+30+75 system. Even with high evaporation, it still wouldn't go through that in less than a week and it was simple enough to have a float switch in there to tell me when to refill it. Also, beauty of an aquarium is that I could also see inside it with no effort. It requires a bit of attention to remember, but still. I also had that float switch hooked up to an apex to text me when it was low and another on the top to tell me it was full, but it's really not necessary, I'm just forgetful and lazy. It's a cheap easy solution vs buying rubbermaids. However, before that tank, I used two 32 gallon rubbermaids (bought new and cleaned) for fresh water and salt water storage with no smell problems. They were great, just used a lot more space and were much harder to see into.
  5. dante411x

    Random question about 2 part dosing

    Everything in the tank is responding very well. And I even acclimated my black Molly that I've had in freshwater for a year to take care of the algae in the frag tank
  6. dante411x

    Random question about 2 part dosing

    Well! It's been 10 days since the switch. Just tested everything, and while calcium and magnesium are still low, they're coming up. Alk is slowly going down Here's what I got today: Cal - 340 Alk - 9.1 Mag - 1180 This is compared to calcium around 310, almost 13 alk and 1000 magnesium 10 days ago!
  7. dante411x

    ERC LIVESALE 9/14 - are YOU ready?!!

    Awesome. Can't wait. I've been tackling the primer thread, but it's just ridiculous. Will be interesting to see how an ERC quarantined one fares
  8. dante411x

    ERC LIVESALE 9/14 - are YOU ready?!!

    I want this fish to have it's own thread. Can you make that happen?
  9. dante411x

    MACNA 2015 in DC!

    The parking in that hotel is run by a company called "Towne park" It's fairly big in parking, they will most certainly not discount the rate unless it's specified in the macna contract. Even then, it's more than likely that it will be only discounted if you park your car yourself, not valet park. As far as security goes, if you are worried about your car, your ONLY option will be to valet park and make sure you walk around your car to make sure the valet didn't put any scratches on it. If you do valet park and there's damage, the company will do it's best to tell you that it wasn't them that caused it, but if you stay your course, they will cover it. If you park yourself and your car gets damaged, you're on your own. That's not just Towne park, that's any parking garage in the country. There may be security cameras and the hotel will help you to an extent, but don't expect any kind of reimbursement or any real help. I worked for these guys for years. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me.
  10. dante411x

    Random question about 2 part dosing

    Well, I went and got the real calcium mixed it up, and it got way hotter than the sodium carbonate ever did. Making another 50 gallons of saltwater, should be done by tomorrow.. Doser is back online and set to no alk, full dose of calcium and normal mag. Thanks for all the help y'all! I'm still a little freaked out that if I left it for a few more weeks without noticing this, my tank would have crashed. -_-
  11. dante411x

    Random question about 2 part dosing

    Oh wow. Yeah, it got warm, but nowhere near that.
  12. dante411x

    Random question about 2 part dosing

    It's also very easily possible that I've no idea what the calcium chloride reaction looks like. Since apparently I've never mixed it before
  13. dante411x

    Random question about 2 part dosing

    Huh. Well that's weird then. It definitely gets warm when I mix it. The "calcium" mix I got definitely warmed the water when I was making the new gallon earlier. However it also has 11.4 ph and it fizzles when mixed with vinegar. I just did a quick test to make sure and mixed a little bit of the sodium carbonate powder with water. It definitely warms the water as well. Same as the "calcium" one.
  14. dante411x

    Random question about 2 part dosing

    Hmm. They both will warm the water though, right?
  15. dante411x

    Random question about 2 part dosing

    Nope. 320. It's very low