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  1. Ro di unit still available?

    1. mpitzer


      yes sir.  located in springfield.

  2. What are the orange zoas in the 4th picture called?
  3. Love the aquascape! Super excited to see this baby in person!!!!!!
  4. I am in the same boat as you looking for a light to hang over my new 525xl. I just saw the AquaticLife T5HO Hybrid that debuted at MACNA 2017 and is scheduled to start selling in December. It a BYO-LED setup that has mounting fixtures in the middle for the Radions or the Kessil LEDs and then T5HO on the sides with reflectors to keep light bleed at bay. Really think I want it but my tank is 59" wide and the light only goes up to 48"....don't know if 5 inches on either side of the tank would matter but seems like a 48" would be perfect for you. "The T5HO fixture comes in 24, 36, and 48" lengths and they each hold up to four lamps. But the most intriguing part of the T5HO Hybrid fixture is that they come with several types of universal mountin brackets designed to allow the user to easily mount a radion, prime, hydro, kessil, and other LED fixtures between the T5 lamps." Sounds pretty awesome to me.
  5. Interesting.... http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/19/technology/fish-tank-hack-darktrace/index.html
  6. Had a great time moving the tank, eating pizza, and learning how patience and planning come together in such a great design. I had no idea an empty tank could weigh so much. I'll let you know when I tank the plunge into SPS.....I am assuming that Acans and Acros are SPS but I still don't know at this point. I have a long way to go.
  7. Yea I was going to clarify that as well Tom. I expect people will ask for price decreases but I never expected so many people to offer water as currency. My personal favorite rebuttal when I politely declined the offer for water was "The fact that you haven't sold your tank yet and I sell 1000G of water a month tells me all I need to know about your crappy tank. I didn't want to buy your tank anyway."
  8. if it makes you feel any better, I wanted to name it "Craigslist Jerkoff Awards" but thought I might catch some flack for that.
  9. oh too bad. I just thought it was for dumb people. guess I can give myself a Darwin award too.
  10. A little bit bored right now so I wanted to throw out a discussion topic. I just recently sold a tank on craigslist that I bought back in August 16' and never used for a little more than half of what I paid (sold for $200). I was not at all angry about selling it cheaper than I paid because the guy that bought it was nice and because I rushed in thinking I wanted a cube and later changed my mind so I was willing to take a loss for my dumb decision. However, in my dealings on craigslist, I ran into quite a few a-holes (not scammers) that would contact me about the tank and then try to substantially decrease the price and barter with their "super special water" that I would never be able to find anywhere. I would consider this an isolated incident if it only happened 1-2 times but it happened about 5 times in two weeks. Then, when I would politely tell them I was not interested in water as currency, the majority would try to demean me or my tank as not worth their water anyway. It was quite humorous dealing with these people but it made me think whether this is a normal occurrence in the tank resale world. Ill see if I can find any screenshots of the conversations when I get home
  11. I ended up taking the rock out of the tank and getting rid of it. Thanks guys!
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