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  1. Wow this is hard. Could be many higher end montis from the description. JF Beach Bum, Reef Raft Crazy T, or maybe Kung Pao.
  2. Yeah the photo is spot on. The coral is super bright from across the room and very unique.
  3. This piece is so amazing in person. It is on the want list for sure!!
  4. AWI as always came through with great customer service and fast shipping for my replacement filters, media, and new pressure gauge. Also for those wondering the WAMAS discount is still active. Great products at a great price!
  5. Wow man I have the same battle going on but struggle to get up past 7.5 dkh for more than two days it seems. I would recheck again over the next two days and if it stays in the 7s then up it. I started at 8ml a day and now am up to 14ml and now have to change it yet again. Such a cruel game sometimes when growth really takes off on a smaller tank.
  6. I started doing a tiger pod culture using a pretzel container from the bulk buy stores about 2 weeks ago. I started culturing phyto about 2 months ago with two 1G apple juice containers and needless to say it is starting to be way more than I need and is filling up my fridge. I made a DIY sieve with some 4" PVC and coffee filters and did my first harvest this past weekend and still lots of smaller babies, but can easily tell the culture had more than when I started. I am doing just regular 1.025/1.026 saltwater and some rigid airline with a clip on light on it and all seems to be well. I too am just wanting to get my population going to keep my scooter blenny happy.
  7. Well I found a heck of a deal for a GHL ProfiluxN EX controller and now the fun begins trying to figure out the GHL Profilux world. Thus far everything works well and getting all the items updated was a breeze via their GHL Control Center Software. The support for these seems to be tough since it is primarily a German Product, but most of it seems pretty straight forward. I still have to get the calibration fluids for the PH, REDOX, and Conductivity to get those up and running. I got the touch pad as well with my purchase and it works fairly well and is easy to navigate. I may at some point get this device online since it has a built in web server, but that would mean I have to run CAT5/6 to my controller since no built in WIFI on the older 3.1 models. Anyone else in the area have a GHL Profilux controller? I know Jerel did, but looks like he hasn't been on the site since early last year. Aaron
  8. Seems like Kessil didn't really give many options for mounting this light other than their proprietary arms. That said I wonder what the screw size is on the A360X because then you could possibly find a toggle bolt/screw that could be used instead.
  9. Sounds like you need to buy or borrow a large Brute trashcan for a massive water change. Easy to keep stable water parameters that way. I personally use their 32G size to do my large water changes on my 52 gallon system.
  10. For good measure you could run some cuprisorb to aid in removing some of the metals. From what I remember reading it will help remove the Nickel, but not sure about the Vanadium.
  11. Welcome. I too love their pod packs as well as their invert packs and have bought them many times and always been of great quality.
  12. Been using an Inkbird with a Finnex Titanium heater for about 1 year and have had no issues at all. The metal probe is covered in coralline, but that hasn't stopped it from being spot on as I test the temp with a Hanna thermometer about twice a month to make sure it is still spot on before I do my water changes.
  13. on a 6 bulb I ran 4 ATI Blue+ and 2 ATI Coral+, but that is fairly blue. Could swap out one of the ATI Blue+ for a ATI AquaBlue Special which is much whiter.
  14. I'm with D805 as I too am wondering what you are doing to maintain ALK/CAL/MAG? Maybe time to prep for a TOTM nomination post
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