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  1. Thank you for the instructions. I will give it a try soon and post results.
  2. I noticed it, however, I wonder how well it will adhere to plastic....
  3. Hi all, I got some used AI Hydra 52s. They seem to work but but their colors have changed overtime. As they are no longer white, I was thinking about the possibility of taking them apart and painting the plastic casing with heat resistant paint. Is this a crazy idea? I am concerned about paint flakes getting into the water later in the future. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. If I get 2 35g containers, I will be able to store around 26% of each saltwater and to/di Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi all, I am planning to build a mixing station for a reefer 350 (91g total volume) and a 40g breeder. What would you recommend be an acceptable capacity for a mixing station that would serve these systems needs? I am considering 2 35g water tanks (RO and saltwater), but not sure if this is a good choice or if I should aim for more. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Are you looking for the "Brain" for the Apex?

  7. Thank you all for the great advice. I love being part of such an engaging community. It would be great to see some fellow reefers setups to better make an informed decision. I can bring ____________ (fill in the blank: cookies, coffee, beer, wine, etc.)
  8. First of all, that tank looks great!!! The hard part for me is to make a decision between the multiple offers out there based on pictures, low quality youtube videos and "unbiased" reviews. I assume that similarly to looking at a piece of art, the in-person experience is incomparable to seeing something in a screen, and this allows people to decide between one brand or another as they progress in the hobby. I just want to avoid changing equipment as much as possible, but maybe that is just a naive thought .
  9. Thanks epleeds. I am trying to decide between Radion or Kessil.... I feel that I can wait a little more before pulling the trigger to get a better system, instead of buying cheaper lights and loosing money later in the exchange.
  10. Hi all, What is your suggestion for LED driven lights in a Reefer 350 (47"X20") in a mixed tank with SPS predominance? Can you keep SPS corals at 12 inches of depth? I have been looking at multiple sources of information but at this point, but I feel I am missing accounts of personal experience from fellow reefers. Looking forward to read your comments.
  11. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your talk!!
  12. I am in the process of setting up a new system and currently figuring out different options for a QT. While doing this, I run into this post (see entry #35). The method described is a modification based on an article published here for fish quarantine that may be valuable where there is no space to setup a permanent system. In my limited experience, this seems to be an interesting solution and wonder what others think about it. Jose
  13. Thanks DCReefer. There are 3 sizes in the RSM S series 400, 500 and 650. I am pretty sure I want to go the DIY route but I have read so many good thinks about the S series in the last 2 days that I have decided to take a look before making a final desicion.
  14. Hi all, I am debating about getting an RSM S500 vs. a DIY tank. Does anyone know if there is a LFS that has the tank on display in the area?
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