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  1. It is interesting. The other one shows no signs of this and they were purchased at the same time. Nature is funny. Never seen or heard anything like this before Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This is the aftermath. Fully inflated flesh. Its been a week and it’s doing fine. It removed itself from the entire original skeleton. I never seen anything like this before and I’m 20 years into this hobby. I have two in the tank. The other one is dong fine. I don’t want to disturb the flesh as it appears to be fine. I honestly believed it basically wanted to move for some reason and did it that way. Like I said earlier it was looking like it was splitting but I guess it just wanted to move. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'll post pictures up later but this is really strange. My Trachyphyllia geoffroyi was look king of weird, like it was splitting into two, this was going on for a few weeks. Last week, the flesh started to pull away from the skeleton. Not in your typical fashion like what they do when they are dying and denigrate but actually pulling away its flesh in its entirety and remaining intact and inflated. Currently the flesh is still alive and doing well. I've never seen this before, It's strange. Anyone else has experience with this?
  4. Welcome. Where are you in Laurel? I am in laurel as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Is there a tool that would allow you to easily tighten bulkheads easily? Curious.
  6. Does anyone know how these things are sized? I mean if they say its 3/4" does that mean that's the smallest size it will go down to or if that's the maximum size they will accommodate. Trying to purchase some so I am trying to determine what size to buy.
  7. Noted. The reason why I went so basic is because through the years of doing this, I realized I like fish more than coral. I found that by sticking with lps corals, mushrooms and clams and by using reef crystal salt, I can have a pretty nice tank with minimal dosing. I use a 2 stage GFO which will be outside the sump. Other than that, I found that my fish were health and the lps were fine. Thanks for all the awesome advice. I will start plumbing this weekend. excited!
  8. So here's my sketch. (2) 1" inch return lines working separate and independent. (1) one 3/4" supply line Tee'd from return pump with check valve. 5 or 6 quick connects strategically place. Please let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks for the help.
  9. Hello Do you still plumb aquariums? I tried to PM you but couldn't. Let me know. I'm contemplating using your services or getting further advice. If you are still doing so of course. PM me. Thanks
  10. I’m sleeping on it tonight. I’m either going to remove one overflow or do the dual Durso configuration. Leaning towards the dual durso. What do you guys think. The room is huge, two stories up so I think the noise factor won’t be a huge factor, thoughts?
  11. Thanks for the wonderful insight. If you recall, I had a 265 gallon reef tank for many years and used the Herbie method and I loved it because it was so quiet. That tank had a single overflow so it was fairly simple to set up. My new tank, the 180 with the dual overflow's threw me off. The old tank had two holes for return lines. The new tank has two holes in each overflow. I read somewhere that with the herbie method, you should never tie the drains together, that they should be separate and independent and with dual overflows the herbie method can be very hard to adjust. If that is the case, I would have four returns coming back to sump. For me, that seems a bit much. So my question is, for the dual herbie can I tee together the two main drains and the two emergencies and not worry about noise and /or adjustment nightmares?
  12. This is Awesome. Thanks. I believe this is what I am going to do. Is this set up quiet?
  13. It wasn’t dual overflow. That’s my dilemma. The single box was simple. Used herbie method and that was it. Dual overflow throwing me off a bit....
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