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  1. Wow heck of a deal, if I wasn't getting out myself I would buy
  2. DBL

    Dutchman's Reef

    We are spoiled by having some GREAT LFS around the area, they are all nice, knowledgeable, friendly and all around great stores but if you are in to fish, Tuan's store is a must stop.
  3. If it's just a 55 gallon if it was me I would just buy a new 55 gallon tank or if you have the space and budget I would upgrade.
  4. You got some good ideas. Time to start saving lol
  5. DBL


    Exactly "chill and relax" lol. I do agree with him though
  6. Marco has the best fishes around period. Top quality and best customer service, I can't wait to get my next fish from ERC
  7. Awesome fish and prices, must if you are a fish guy.
  8. I'm sure they will be all sold before he gets a chance to post the video lol.
  9. Chris is super friendly and very helpful even if you don't buy anything.
  10. DBL


    I agree with him. Is it a steady 82 degrees? Or does it go up and down from 79 to 82? If it's a steady 82 I wouldn't stress to much if everyone is doing fine. Lol I used to worry like that when my tank was fairly new... Now I just try to enjoy it even though is not looking it's best at the moment.
  11. I agree with Eric. Don't give it to much though just do your water changes and sit back and enjoy your reef.
  12. You should be ok using the same sand just give it a quick rinse in old tank water and transfer it, that's what I did when I upgraded from a 60 to a 120. I didn't have any problems.
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