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  1. I don’t have any experience with jebao. I am sure you can modify any dc pump fitting to work with your skimmer.
  2. They are workhorse. A little noisy but you will not hear it when your lights fan is on and cabinet doors will also help with the noise. You can also rubber pad to reduce vibration. They do generate heat though but it’s a trade off for the heater other than that I have never encounter any issue with performance. I still use my mag 9 that I purchased in 2000.
  3. The danner mag 7 should have a similar specs as that pump. you can get a mag7 with Fractionating Impeller to use as a skimmer pump. Mag drive pump last forever. Well almost.
  4. No, those you posted are flavor "snacking" seaweed. There are some plain 'snacking" variety but toasted so they are pretty crunchy and are not good for feeding fish as they will dissolved in water. Just stick with the regular nori for feeding fish. Beside it's a lot cheaper.
  5. You need something like this: plain nori/seeweed that use to make sushi roll. https://www.ebay.com/c/1867232749
  6. no. That's Not Safe for fish.
  7. I usually set up auto feeders for the tanks. Run them at least a few days before vacation and check it daily to make to they are function properly. To me, an auto top-off is much more important than feeding. I estimated how much water needed for the top-off for just the vacation duration and upped a gallon or 2 as a safety net. These are the only 2 things I needed for my vacations. Also, have a friend as a backup in case of power outage. Other than that I don't want to think about my tanks while on vacation!
  8. Very nice build Tricia. best wish and quick recovery with the surgery.
  9. It's inflated a bit bigger or perhaps grew a bit. IMG_8011 by t@#$%c, on Flickr
  10. Nice looking mens! CSB and LD are nice, but not in the thousand dollars nice. Once they fully opened, they are just slightly brighter than the standard Rose bubble.
  11. Moved to its new home. Acid rain BTA by t@#$%c, on Flickr
  12. Thanks! the young lady there was easy to deal with so I was able to get her to take it with the rock instead of yanking it off its rock.
  13. Last evening, I drop of my kid off for her activity and have close to 2 hrs to killed. Browse around and finally stop in to Petco. Saw this little guy, at first I thought it was a giant majano, but upon taking a closeup shot, it realized it's some kind of acid rain BTA. Petco’s anemone by t@#$%c, on Flickr Pickup my kid and return and purchase it. Petco’s anemone by t@#$%c, on Flickr
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