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  1. It's inflated a bit bigger or perhaps grew a bit. IMG_8011 by t@#$%c, on Flickr
  2. Nice looking mens! CSB and LD are nice, but not in the thousand dollars nice. Once they fully opened, they are just slightly brighter than the standard Rose bubble.
  3. Moved to its new home. Acid rain BTA by t@#$%c, on Flickr
  4. Thanks! the young lady there was easy to deal with so I was able to get her to take it with the rock instead of yanking it off its rock.
  5. Last evening, I drop of my kid off for her activity and have close to 2 hrs to killed. Browse around and finally stop in to Petco. Saw this little guy, at first I thought it was a giant majano, but upon taking a closeup shot, it realized it's some kind of acid rain BTA. Petco’s anemone by t@#$%c, on Flickr Pickup my kid and return and purchase it. Petco’s anemone by t@#$%c, on Flickr
  6. Pretty cool! I haven’t seen them in person for 35+years. Used to catch them for fun or use them as fishing bait. the male display awesome colors too.
  7. It’s red montipora. My is in low-medium flow. You can place it in any part of the tank. I have some growing in the bottom of my tank. You can use “gel”super glue to mount it to the rock.
  8. Thanks David! I need a few more. Has been searching for octopus, shark, starfish and couple of fish at local stores with no luck.
  9. I was being sarcasm! Your other hobby overwhelm the tank. awesome basement btw. I am sure your tank will be the center of attention once you get it back to where it was.
  10. I has some spare time these past few weeks so I decided to continue to dressing up my fish room. Hung a few drywall and paint the fish room area. My little daughter help painted the wall decors. Tank progress update 3-30-2019 by t@#$%c, on Flickr
  11. I have a 100 rimless cube. I believed it's made by glasscage. Rimless does look good, but I personally hated it. Has to keep wiping around the glass as it always get salt creep or splash all the time and snails get out the died often too. Not sure about integrity of non-braced rimless, but mine has bottom brace and but none on top. I had a similar worry when I got the tank, so I added 4 triangle braces on each of the top 4 corners just for my own piece of mind.
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