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  1. flooddc

    ATO quesion

    I have that same ato for 7+ years. If you're using aqualifter pump, make sure it still function properly and less than 30" high. If not pumping water and sensor come on and off when you move the floater up or down then your pump is not function properly. Does the pump kicked on then you move the float up? Test the pump to see if it pump water (not just plug into another outlet).
  2. flooddc

    Eyepopping colored coral situation

    Unfortunately, it's has been typical practice for as long as I can remember. Some even Photoshop images. When I purchase high-ended frags, I always ask for an un-edited photos in normal lighting.
  3. flooddc

    DFS closing down...

    Saw it over r2r earlier. I used DFS many years back for pond supplies and then for reef. It’s really ashamed that we will loss yet another pet supply. :(
  4. flooddc

    Video of my beach vacation

    Found this guy off Florida's beach.
  5. flooddc

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Your video has disappeared.
  6. flooddc

    Toadstool Coral won't open

    Pics? toadstool are known to close for several days to shed it skin. If it’s healthy, it should open up once the skin layer shedded. if not, then it will just melt away.
  7. flooddc

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Beautiful tanks as always. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas and happy New year to you too!
  8. flooddc

    Need help seperating magnets!!

    Were you able to get it separate? I had that same problem years ago with the same magnet. I can't remember how I got it out. I think I clamped on one side onto the table or kitchen counter and twist it to the side.
  9. flooddc

    Cantilevered Tank

    I have seen someone with a 55G (4 feet) sat on a 3 feet stand. but that just a disaster waiting to happen. Could you build a well support platform that stick out 4-6" and place the tank on that instead?
  10. flooddc

    Lid for the Tank

    yes! it will reduce evaporation. You will need to wipe the glass canopy often.
  11. flooddc

    Lynn's Fish Room

    bummer! sorry to hear.
  12. flooddc

    ICP Test Results are in...

    I didn’t recall seeing it in his post about his sand. Maybe I missed it. Since he confirmed that his sand magnetized, then it might no be a waste of time to do all that work.