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  1. Erik

    Old MH bulbs for pickup (FREE)

    Dropped them off at the waste collection event, thanks!
  2. Erik

    Old MH bulbs for pickup (FREE)

    Thanks! I figured they couldn't go in the regular trash but didn't quite know where to take them.
  3. Erik

    Old MH bulbs for pickup (FREE)

    Anybody? Gonna toss 'em if nobody wants them...
  4. 7 old 250 watt MH SE bulbs that someone can have. They were each used for about a year, but they would be good for testing color preferences. Just need to get rid of them and I figured I'd see if anyone wanted them first. I'm in Merrifield near the Home Depot.
  5. Thank you, I've been meaning to join for a while I'm in Merrifield, VA The process will start tomorrow evening so unless I find something today I'll need to resort to what I have...
  6. I'm going to be moving my 125 gallon reef tank temporarily (redoing the floors) and could really use a large holding tank (either a large aquarium or one of those rubbermaid stock tanks). I have a bunch of brute trashcans in case I can't find anything. Anyone have anything I could borrow for a few days?