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  1. hi dave i fraged one of the staghorns it was bleaching anyway and once that starts they die some of the frags should make it? this happened 3 months ago on another piece and half the frags made it
  2. oh i like it grows out and up, nice photo too
  3. I fallowed everyones advice and added more light, @ more A360w tuna blues. The tank is 8 feet long but only 22" deep and the coral seemed to be doing ok for 2 months but now at full intensity very bright, at night I have the color full blue, first question should it be blue all day? also took your'e advice added more flow 1 more Maxspect Gyre XF150 and the pump is the big hammerhead. next question Tonys tank of the month he writes about additives? I have been using Kalkwasser , been getting coral from blue zoo aquatics they sell good size pieces for about $60 each they say 3"to 4" and they are nice staghorn green the best so far, hydnophora is good color but aggressive maybe that was a bad choice, going to try acropora color tip next 3 pieces where does everyone get there coral? I got a brown acropora cheap 3 months ago its color is getting better sort of
  4. the tank was cold water and now the horseshoe crabs don't come out much,maybe need to take them back to the bay? next winter I could add 2 more Kessils but need to buy oyster shells and larva this month
  5. ok and can i change the topic name? lps no good for seahorses may hurt there skin and the queen has been my favorite fish but will get big fast i have had them before. I just want 2 small islands of coral and mostly sand I also like horseshoe crabs and there are 2 in there that are also getting big, youre tank looks great
  6. so what can i grow with what i have? I have a brown montipora that grows like crazy but its not to Architectural I am going to give my star coral and leather coral to my brother ugh, it would be kind of you to give me a short list of what i can grow, not into soft coral , oh better change the name of this topic too.
  7. they say a race helps a nonprofit so getting 3 hobbie cats ready 2 16foot one 18 that and a fun video my get us started , a race to sharks tooth island, I put wings on this boat they are seats for the over 60 year olds , thats me, did you no the blue fish are gone? a threatened species listed as vulnerable now, if you fish this should break youre heart, how did this happen?
  8. Seahorses love high water flow, they hang out on the the Maxspect XF 150 and sometimes take rides across the tank swim back and do it again, without strong water flow they may get sick! John Cobb,s tank is filled with Coral and angel,s is it not, any way 2 corals bleached since seahorses could care less about salinity I got sloppy, I need advice and will make every mistake. The lights are 2 Kessil A360WE water only 20" deep Tank 8" long.
  9. Seahorseconservancy

    Queen Khaleesi's Tank

    my old seahorse grow vout tank is now a reef tank with a Queen and a dozen seahorses
  10. I only have one tank now,a few seahorses and a Queen, I upgraded my lights, 2 Kessil's this video shows the Queen, I bleached one Acropora, when i dumped 40 gallons of fresh water into a 400 gallon system "mistake" so ordered auto aqua smart, welcome all advice sps coral is new for me.
  11. Hi its walt from seahorse conservancy, I gave up breeding seahorses and now have only have the 350 gallon tank, we are building a small reef on our 106 acres, its the best thing to do in our area. will start to slowly post photos here, Victory for clean water for us all, we won
  12. man feeding them is crazy, just 2 cuttlefish 4 weeks old eat 40 live mysis a day and so building another mysis tank, mysis get big too 3/4" and eat lots of brine sorry no photos if the electricity fails ? 2 more smaller ones in the baby mysis tank, shrimp wont be in the river untill april so need to be a mysis farmer
  13. the size of my photos are too big so look at this great video instead, I will try to make a video soon they are a bit more work then seahorses but maybe smart as a smart dog not a stupid dog a smart dog,
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