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  1. After you empty your tank of rock, corals, fish, ect., you could start my siphoning the sand to start cleaning it of detritus. Then give it a second rinse after its out of the tank. You can probably get most of the detritus out of it initially with the siphon (assuming there's enough water in the tank..
  2. Yeah it is, they've been open for like three years now. I'm actually really close to the family, I grew up with the owners son and sometimes will help them out. That's actually where I get must all of my stuff. And I might be taking you up on that offer of chaeto here in a few weeks when I go to set up the refugium portion on my sump!
  3. Ryan, do you try to drain out as much liquid from the mixture before you freeze it? I was curious how that worked with adding additives like amino acids and vitamin C? Also, how well does making the fish food double as being coral food? And if I'm trying to make my food dual purpose, any suggestions on what additional to add? Steve, I'm in Hancock, so about 25minutes west of Hagerstown, but I graduated from North High three years ago. I'm kind of disappointed that there isn't a larger population in our area that are in the hobby, I'd love to have people around I could buy/sell/trade with!
  4. Hey, thanks for the link to the article! My biggest question is in what ratios do I use the ingredients? Also, I read somewhere else before about using agar as a sort of base for the food and to help it settle together better when freezing.
  5. I was wondering who out that makes their own food and if anyone could assist me in my adventure to make some? I saw Jan had posted that she's selling it, but being the whole way out in western md, it's probably a little far for me to go to buy that.. So alas, here I am asking for food making advice? Thanks!
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