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  1. Interested in a few heads (5) of candy cane..  would it be possible to pick up on Saturday or Sunday?  Thanks

  2. splavey

    Aqua Japan

    Is anyone familiar with this tank manufacturer?
  3. splavey

    Fattening up a mandarin

    Are those Jewish whiteworms in the original post?? If I'm not mistaken, that's Matzoh they're eating.
  4. splavey

    What eats green hair algae best?

    Lawnmower Blenny did the trick for me.
  5. splavey

    Ricordia Group Buy (again)

    I'll take 7. My preference is rainbow, gold, blue, pink. Thanks"
  6. Congratulations Billy. I'm sure the tank and the food will be killer!!!
  7. splavey

    WYSIWYG Corals!

    I'll take 21/22/45
  8. splavey

    ID help please

    Looks like button polyps to me.
  9. splavey

    My Power is Out Already!!!

    Sorry to hear Steve. I think most of us will be in the same boat later today. Winds are starting to get pretty strong.
  10. splavey


  11. 1 and 3 definitely look like feather dusters.
  12. splavey

    Aggressive Anthias

    I've been soaking up all of the years of experience - thanks all!!
  13. splavey

    Aggressive Anthias

    Makes sense - thanks! I hope she calms down a bit after she changes to a he.
  14. splavey

    Aggressive Anthias

    I recently added a trio (all females) of Bartlett Anthias to my reef tank. Everything was going well until yesterday, when I noticed the largest had gone rogue. She swims around the tank in an aggressive manner and delights in terrorizing my Helfrichi (unfortunately she has expensive taste). Would greatly appreciate your feedback.
  15. splavey

    Rob (zygote2k)

    Sounds like an obit...