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  1. miggs76


  2. Fox face fish are 100 percent reef safe. I’ve had 2 and they’ve never touch any coral. I’ve never heard of a Fox face eating coral.
  3. My foxface demolishes bubble algae
  4. Mine picked at my acros, then he was put in a sump to live out the rest of his days. I don’t trust them at all. They don’t even do a good job at eating bubble algae.
  5. My gold nugget clown literally took 3 hours and started nipping at the nem when I bought him. By hour 5 he was knee deep in the nem. I think a small tank helps.
  6. I’ve had zero success with peppermint shrimp. They seem to die rather quickly in my tank which is strange because I currently have fish in there that have been alive for 5 years. They do sell them at fintastic for 4 bucks so yes you can get 25 for 100. I’d like to try a filefish but will they eat LPS and SPS? I have no softies other than Yuma mushrooms.
  7. I like my radion, gen 2. I switched to t5s though and I can say that I have slightly better colors now.
  8. I have a deep blue cube. It is 6 years old and still going strong. It isn't the best quality, and I'll step up on my next tank, but it was a great value.
  9. Are you coming by my place to pick up your salt you bought last May?
  10. I’m sorry I don’t have a pic (cause I can’t find one) but what is the brand of frag rack that has soft plastic in the holes which cause the plugs to stay in place? I’ve seen them in pics but have no clue how to buy one. Maybe they were DIY? I have 2 huge turbo snails a bit smaller than a baseball that like to get naughty at night.
  11. Is this an actual store with daily operational hours? I'm confused.
  12. That is exactly what mine did. At night he would take frag plugs (with corals attached) and would use them to plug up his live rock hole. That’s how I knew it was a eunicid not a bristlewom. Guess where mine came from? Roozens
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