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  1. Created a quick design for a bristleworm trap since I didn't see any online. Welcome thoughts.
  2. Also printed out a copepod hotel for Dmatt56: Cost was 4.73 in materials (it's heavy)
  3. First print complete for Menglish: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3642666 That the model. Here's the output. Honestly, it feels small, though I printed it at the scale that the model came in. I don't own a PMUP. Are they relatively small pumps?
  4. Yeah autocad is waaaaaay more sophisticated than tinkercad. I was mostly replying to the whole thread for folks in case they wanted to give something a shot. Tinkercad was on a level that I could pick up pretty easy, vs autocad, which seemed to be for a much more capable user
  5. Glad this thread is getting some attention. As you guys decide what you want, please send me a private message with a link to the STL file (usually from Thingiverse), thought I also use tinkercad.com to design my own stuff from time to time if you wanted to try your hands at that. As they come in, I'll make a post with progress, and we can keep track that way.
  6. Hey everyone. In addition to the reef hobby, I also do 3d printing on the side. To that end, I have a printer that is *mostly* idle. I figured I'd offer it up to the club for 'use'. Here's what I propose. You send me the .stl files that you want printed and the material (I can handle PLA and PETG pretty easily). I'll send you a materials estimate (normally from a few tens of cents to a few bucks), and we'll print the thing out at cost. You pay shipping + cost of materials once its printed, and I'll send it along to you. If this gets popular, there will have to be a queue, and pieces are of course, best effort, and as-is based on the STL file you send me. Basically, I'm trying to be a nice guy and do something nice for the club, so don't be mad if it takes a bit of time, or anything like that. I cannot guarantee anything and I can't promise that this service will exist forever, but lets give it a shot. For what its worth, the printer is a Prusa i3 MK3S and I have a build volume of roughly 8"x8"x8".
  7. brobak


  8. Hello everyone. After a long absence, I'm finally returning to the hobby. I'm excited by all of the advances in understanding of chemistry and tank husbandry which seem to put this hobby on surer footing than ever. I had a new tank all planned out, but as you know, buying all brand new gear is an expensive proposition. So while bemoaning this fact to a fellow reefer at work, he pointed me at a tank for sale on the local forum that was close to, if not exactly what I was hoping to put together myself. I ended up pulling the trigger on that tank, a Red Sea Max S 500 (for a quarter of the price of my originally planned build out), grabbing some friends and a U-Haul and moving it all in a day. It even came with a TON of hairy green shrooms covering almost everything. I've had it set up in the house now for about a month, getting things settled in, tuning up the apex controller, dialing in the skimmer, playing with the new LED lighting spectrum (forgive the blue, it was late when I took the picture), and thinking about a proper aquascape to build out, and I'm happy to be back. I'm looking forward to playing with all the new toys and gadgets, and trying my hand at a tank with a lot more life experience under my belt (and a lot more info available on these forums as well). Happy reefing everyone.
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