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  1. Thanks for contributing the 40”-48” Leddy Slim to this past weekend’s WAMAS raffle. It will go to good use in a new tank.
  2. Thank you too Dr Mac. I won four frags, but gave one to Tom and the other back in the raffle pool. The two cup corals I kept are looking good in my tank. Thank you for your sponsorship of the club.
  3. I was one of the Avast gift certificate winners at the latest WAMAS meeting on Saturday. I plan to look for something new or repair one of my existing Avast pieces. Thanks for being a WAMAS club sponsor.
  4. The female is hosting in a RBTA I bought from sharkey18. Unfortunately I am having trouble uploading video from my iPad. On a sadder note. I believe the female killed the male today while I was at work. He was at the base of the anemone pretty torn up. They haven't really got along since arriving in my tank. I thought by now they would have solved their pairing issues, but no. The male stayed close, but hidden in the rocks. Looks like he may have come out too far. Sad to see my daughters' favorite little fish gone.
  5. I am the proud owner of two beautiful lightning clowns. Thank you Marcos for contributing this pair to the club raffle and sponsoring WAMAS. I picked up the pair from Marcos on President's day. The pair is in my display tank, fully adjusted and eating pellets and reef frenzy. The female has been a little abusive to the male, but I hope that subsides with time. For now, the male has some places to hide from his mate while she adjusts to her new home. It is great to bring home pre-quarantined fish that can quickly be added to the main tank. ERC is full service and delivers quality livestock. Based on all my interactions with Marcos, he will continue to get my business and I would recommend ERC to others.
  6. It is great to have your quality frozen food to add variety in meals for my fish. Thank you for contributing to the raffle.
  7. Thanks for the Neptune Systems fan which you contributed to last weekend's raffle at the WAMAS meeting. I was the winner and will use the fan in the sump area for my 70 gallon. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for contributing the $100 gift certificate to last weekend's Raffle at the WAMAS meeting. I was a winner and it is definitely going towards a new sump for my 70 gallon.
  9. I think Billy may have checked out and is focusing all his time on running the business. I don't think the clam made it.
  10. I just had the same happen to me. The kalk stirrer has been leak free for months and then boom, a slow leak of about a container full leaking every three days. The leak is from the bottom seal, like the one described above.
  11. I can pitch in my 48" Aquaspacelight with 2x150w metal halides, if it works with the selected tank. Everything is in excellent working condition along with spare bulbs.
  12. Thanks to all the vendors who donated raffle prizes. I walked away with five, wow. I was a little slow, but wanted to pass on a few for the benefit of others. Next time I'll bring a coral, or two, for the raffle. Specifically I wanted to thank Marine Scene, Petland, and New Era Aquaculture.
  13. I would like to know a little more about the Thursday talk about low cost, low maintenance in-house brine shrimp culture. Just want to find out if this is brand new info which could be shared with WAMAS broadly.
  14. I had a chance to see the tank today. Great to see the width, from the side, and how much real estate there will be for corals. DDiver had put in a few test corals to make sure everything was okay before putting in the "rare stuff" later. The view from three sides was a good move for the restaurant, customers will enjoy it, as will WAMAS members. Make sure to stop by on Saturday, sounds like DDiver will have some tank "surprises". Oh, and make sure to taste and buy some Thai food too. Great work. Can't wait to see it full of corals and clam(s).
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