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  1. Didn't Hemdal do some research a few years back that linked the carbon dust as a cause? Ahh, found it: I don't know if the formal study was ever issued, but here's the abbreviated writeup. http://www.coralmagazine-us.com/content/activated-carbon-hlle-smoking-gun-found (and, hi Dave!)
  2. Not sure if your route goes through Knoxville, TN, but sustainable aquatics is just outside there and gave a pretty good tour (if you called in advance) that was worth while.
  3. ^totally agree... plusses and minuses to each. external = more complicated in terms of equipment and piping (since you usually need an additional pump or run your overflow to it) and usually they are more expensive. But, it is more versatile since you don't have to run it in your sump and it's not affected by changes in sump water level. internal = more common, less expensive, and simpler to run. But, they are usually more sensitive to water level changes in your sump and are limited with where you can put them.
  4. This is totally awesome! I can't wait to see what Justin and Dan have cooked up on it
  5. With recent airline news, I have a feeling Bill's attention won't be on updating this thread for a bit.
  6. Hmmm, well mine isn't terribly complicated...
  7. Holy crap, the second one just went for $10,520!! Congratulations, Matt!!
  8. Marco, honestly, I don't know if I'll change anything or not... I've put a lot of thought into it and still don't know where I come down. No, there weren't any wild caught clowns in the system (at least not recently, I did have a group of wc clowns years ago...). I don't know for sure that it was brook (from pictures it looks too similar to velvet to easily discern), but the speed was just something else. Eat normallyone morning, 100% dead the next evening. I may lengthen the QT period but since the tank is fallow, I may do the same thing again with a longer FW dip. Yes, that LFS earned my loyalty and respect as a customer.
  9. Thank you, it was a pretty hard and unexpected blow that I don't wish on anyone (most especially the fish!)... I agree, the lfs (Aquacare) is awesome. He's a small, by appointment place in an out building behind his house, but he's doing things right.
  10. Well.... Not so good... Unfortunately, I think brooklynella had severe sonsequences. It was either that or MV, but I think it was brook based on the delay - three weeks - and the speed with which it hit - no observable symptoms to total loss in 36 hours. For those who will ask, I QTed for ~2 weeks and put them under observation, but nothing was treated during that time, before adding them to my tank. I was honestly very saddened, so I decided immediately to go fallow for 15 weeks (which ends mid-July). Since this, I've pretty much ignored my tank. You should see the coraline growth on the glass, I don't even know what's going on in there right now and it's going to take a few razor blades and some elbow grease to get through it... The lfs owner has been awesome through this. He did the two week QT in a standalone system he set up specifically for my fish, claimed responsibility and completely unexpectedly offered to replace the fish. Although I told him I didn't think he was at fault, he insisted. Pretty awesome, really.
  11. Hi Matt! Glad to have you pop in! Congrats to you on this, by the way. I've mentioned on many occasions how big a deal this really is for the hobby. Iv'e rather enjoyed following it. (by the way, I think I'm going to win!)
  12. So, I'm all for doing this... However, there are something like 30 fish being auctioned off... some "look" like normal PNG maroon clowns and are only special because of the lineage and others are pretty killer looking... Is this for one particular clown, the first auction, an average? "normal" "lightning"
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