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  1. Here is my take on it. It's been crawling since entering VA and there has not been one accident. The road has some good size hills and is really congested with truckers. I believe the problem is their constant slowing going down the hills and then picking up speed going up. They don't prevent them from using the left lane so it lags down both lanes. They either need to exclude trucks from the left lane or add another lane.
  2. I made the same drive up out of Greenville, SC. Arrived home at 2AM, but totally worth it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk 81 is still crawling all the way thru VA. It's insane how slow this road is and how long this ride has been today. We still have 100 miles to go....but it was totally worth it to see the total.
  3. we decided to stay until morning for that reason. We are only 7 hours away.
  4. Hey we are in gatlinburg, tn . We had to drive for 20 minutes to see the total eclipse but man was it worth it!!!! Most incredible thing I've seen. Very eery
  5. Sorry Dave but costco charges $3.00 for 1.32 gallons Heinz white vinegar i buy it all the time for tank and general cleaning. Its the best bargain ever.
  6. I grab a big bottle of vinegar from costco and dilute with water and soak for as long as it takes....days or hours...
  7. I told you it was a great club...didn't i Rain? Again....welcome!
  8. I know...its a bummer...thanks Worst part is i had a drain screen on for 2 years and took it off about a month ago to clean it and got distracted and kept forgetting to put it back on. I feel incredibly guilty. Lol i did and when they gave me crap for being late my eyes watered and i told them the story and they felt so bad for me that they were the ones apologizing to me Mine was sucked in hard but it had to have just happened....but he was sucked in sideways and trapped at the very top so i could grab him with a towel easily but the trauma must have been too much for the poor guy. He was a very cool fish....i feel so bad about it.
  9. I couldn't find my fairy wrasse for awhile but i knew it was healthy and fat and figured it was just doing that disappearing wrasse thing they do. Well, was just leaving the house and heard the tank going nuts and emergency drain kick in...took me a few minutes to understand thats what i was hearing and ran down to the basement....i reached into the drain and could feel a fish bent in half and was trying to do a quick roll call but everyone that had been there was....so i ran and grabbed a towel and pulled out the pipe and there was my wrasse...thrashing when I took him out....but you could see he was headed out fast...i held him in the tank in my hands and watched him and his eyes were moving and for a minute there i thought i could save him but if i let go he floated upside down...so i held him there for what felt like forever and tried to figure out my next steps knowing i had to leave right away to go get my kids....but then he suddenly died....im so crazy sad....he was fat and healthy but must have jumped in there and finally got stuck in the drain. I hate this part of the hobby. I really really do.
  10. Welcome aboard! You are going to love the sw hobby and this is an amazing group to learn the ropes from. We have a meeting this Saturday if you are able to attend, with great deals on all sorts of items and a world famous speaker to boot!
  11. I am trying to remain mysterious LOL I totally agree..very forgiving and relaxing to watch....
  12. Hmmm i suppose Isaac and i can allow you your thread back...we contemplated taking it over and making it a recipe blog.... Glad you are back...you were very missed!!
  13. saw it in person......Jaw Dropper....was very very tempted...lol still am
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