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  1. Pacific East is taking pre-orders for the spring event! Check out the Pacific East vendor thread
  2. Tom if you did not get my email the 10$ attendance will apply to all WAMAS members. So that 5 more to spend on coral or raffles.
  3. Not sure of the topic but there will be a coral workshop. Less than a week away hoping to see some of you there. Dr Mac is suppose to bring some nice stuff.
  4. Our Annual Spring Seminar Is Approaching Very Quickly! Saturday April 16, 2011 Please join us for this one of a kind event featuring a prominate speaker & workshop event!! CMAS is pleased to welcome Mr. Anthony Calfo CMAS Presents Mr. Anthony Calfo of Reading Trees Publications Anthony Calfo was born in Hawaii and lives in Pennsylvania. He is a lifelong aquarist and an aquarium industry professional that has worked the better part of the last decade as a commercial coral farmer and wholesaler, producing cultured reef invertebrates in a greenhouse environment for the ornamental and zoological trade. Anthony has authored the reef aquarium books, "Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1" (ReadingTrees.com) & "Reef Invertebrates", and numerous articles for print and electronic journals at large. He travels frequently to visit organizations and clubs to present information on the aquatic sciences. Anthony co-founded the Pittsburgh Marine Aquarist Society with the inimitable Bob Dolan. Schooled at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, he has degree in English Literature. Included with your admission, CMAS will also supply a light breakfast, coffee, water, soft drinks, and a fabulous Lunch buffet to all attendees!! CMAS Paid Members: At Door Registration - $10 (Show your WAMAS card and you'll get the CMAS rate!) Non CMAS Members: At Door Registration - $15 Vendors: Pre-Registration Required - $25 We ask that everyone pre-register because we need an accurate head count for the food quantities, but understand that schedules change. Thanks. 9:00-9:30 Registration/Sign In 9:30-9:45 Welcome/Opening Comments 10:00-11:30 Workshop* 11:30-12:30 Break for Lunch 1:00-2:30 Mr. Anthony Calfo* 3:00-3:30 CMAS Coral Growout Contest 3:30-4:45 Socializing/Vendor Sales/RAFFLE! 4:45-5:00 Cleanup! Everybody OUT! Items marked with a "*" are subject to a possible schedule change Old Mill School 610 Patriot Lane Millersville, MD 21108 Directions can be found Here. Pacific East Aquaculture: Offering a variety of corals and other livestock If you're interested in becoming a vendor please contact William Koester by email wkoester@cmas-md.org or phone 410.446.8181 (1) $100 Gift Certificate donated by Doni's Reef (2) $50 Gift Certificates donated by Air Water and Ice (1) $40 Gift Certificate donated by Atlantis Aquarium Mighty Mite RO/DI Unit donated by Air Water and Ice BRS Deluxe GFO or Carbon Reactor donated by Bulk Reef Supply 75 Gallon RO/DI donated by Bulk Reef Supply (4) $25 Gift Certificates donated by Reef Cleaners 6045 Nanostream Pump donated by Tunze Fluval 305 donated by Hagen Aquaclear 50 hang on filter donated by Hagen A variety of Loc Line adapters and fittings donated by Modular Hose Advantage Series 8 watt UV Sterilizer donated by Aqua Ultra Violet A Premium Line of Aquarium Additives donated by SeaChem (1) AccliMate unit donated by Reef Gently Submersible 3700 LPH Water Pump dontated by Aquatic Life A Premium Line of Aquarium Additives donated by Brightwell Aquatics T5-High Output Bulbs donated by UV Lighting International A variety of Fish food packages donated by San Francisco Bay Brand (3) Swing Arm Hydrometers donated by Aquarium Systems, Inc. (2) 500 gram tubs of MarineGro Pellet Foods donated by Red Sea Fish A Premium Line of Aquarium Additives donated by Marc Weiss There are still a handful of donations waiting to be delivered. I will continue to update the list as they trickle in!!:bleh:
  5. Hey fellow aquarists, if you are not up to anything this weekend feel free to come out and listen to two speakers and have a chance to win some cool prizes. If this sounds like something you would like to do check out the details below: Our Annual Spring Seminar Is Approaching Very Quickly! Saturday April 24, 2010 Please join us for this one of a kind event featuring two exciting speakers!! CMAS is pleased to welcome Mr. Mark Vera and Mr. Marc Levenson CMAS Presents Mr. Mark Vera of Phyto 2 Mark Vera has been keeping marine aquariums since 1991 during which he has worked in many capacities of the aquarium industry. In addition he has worked on various personal and public research projects and spent two years breeding H. reidi and is currently serving as President of MOFIB, the Marine Ornamental Fish & Invertebrate Breeders Association. Being an active Divemaster, Mark travels extensively diving lakes, rivers, and oceans throughout the world and is a regular aquarium diver at the worlds aquarium the John G. Shedd Aquarium. Between travels Mark owns and operates a specialty aquarium installation and service company and contributes as staff on C
  6. Good news all. After playing around with some valves and drain lines I was able to get the reactor up to about 1.8 PSI with it running through a modified RO Canister air dryer, through the ozone generator, and out the relief valve and the O3 Reactor, all using the same Quiet one 4000 pump. Thanks for the tips just took a lot of tweaking.
  7. So i have tested what was recommended and the same result with the reactor. I am still getting about 1 PSI inside. I removed the ozone unit, air dryer, and cehck valve so nothing but air & water is pumping into the reactor. I create back pressure on the manifold by restricting flow from the pump to the manifold no change. I can only think there is an air leak somewhere. here is a crude sketch of my manifold to give you and idea of what it looks like. I have restricted the ballvalve after the pump to the return lines to create pressure this may not have been correct but thats what it looked like I needed to do.
  8. Dan, I have a quick connect fitting after the T from my manifold (which also has a shut off switch to the reactor) to the reactor so I can quickly take it off line and it is a 1/2" ball valve connector. On the reactors return output to the sump I have another 1/2" ball valve for control. If I am understanding this right I can just cut the flow going into the reactor to raise the pressure or even possibly reduce the output to put pressure in to the reactor itself? I will see what difference this makes with the PSI. -Will
  9. Wow so many questions. I was not very specific I apologize. Any how lets start answering as many as I can: What feed pump are you using? quiet one 4000 (1000 gph) which feeds a manifold I tee off for all my needs that includes, return to DT, return to FRAG, O3 reactor and soon my CA Reactor. Calculated head loss and it should handle it okay. What gph do you get with output valve completely open? ~100gph i woudl have to do some math cause it leaves and then goes into a TLF 150 reactor of carbon/gfo What gph do you get at 1 psi? running wide open so about 100 gph What happens when you close the valve even more? water drops in reactor and pressure will fluctuate as it drains fills inside the reactor How about closing it 100% with the input still going and the air pump on full blast? Have to test this Can you take the air line and check valve off and just leave the fitting on, then close the output valve and run water and air full blast, this will cause the reactor to fill to the top with water and out air inlet and let you see if there are any leaks..... Will have to test this. Couldn't this cause water to back pressure into the ozone unit? What was your orp before you installed the reactor? Not sure I think 280 - 300 What is it now? It reads around 400-425 but I think my probe may need replaced How are you controlling it? Milwaukee ORP controller in the sump to monitor the level and shut it off when above 350 What size ozone generator? 100 M/g Read Sea set to only put in 5% at all times How many hours a day does it run? Minutes maybe Water volume? Total ~80 gallons Do you notice a improvement in water clarity? Quality? Yes I think it allowed more light into the tank fading some of the corals. well I have some testing to perform later on. will update again after that.
  10. So it has been a while on this thread but I figured now that I got a pressure rated air pump I have a pressure issues. I can no get the pressure above 1 on the gauge I run the luft pump through a check valve, into the air dryer (large red sea model), through the ozone unit, into another check valve, into the reactor. I can not have more than 5 ft of air tubing. I have tried messing with the input out put levels but the pressure stays at 1. I have also bled the gauge with the safety valve and it still registers at 1 psi. Any ideas how ti get the PSI at 2 like in the video.
  11. I thought that we would offer the neighboring club a chance to come out and see Kevin Kohen from Live Aquaria speak with CMAS next Saturday, March 6th from 11 am to 2PM. Location: Old Mill High School 610 Patriot Lane Millersville, MD 21108 Biography Kevin Kohen earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Wright State University, and is an avid marine life photographer, lifelong aquarist and marine fish enthusiast. He was one of the early pioneers maintaining live corals in captivity back in the early 80’s. He began his professional career in the marine fish industry working in a retail fish store, and then moved on to manage the operations of one of the largest freshwater and marine fish wholesale and import/export businesses in the Midwest for over eight years. From there, he ventured on to launch the LiveAquaria.com web site, and designed and oversaw the installation of the Drs. Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility. He currently oversees the operations of the facility, and is responsible for the acquisition of the animals, as well as their husbandry. This should be an excellent time to talk with Kevin about aquaculture, possible group buys and anything else you may wnat to know about the divers den and Dr Foster & Smith. Thanks. Will K.
  12. yes I glued the bottom plate to the base, the pressure valve has not been attached yet awaiting it to come in. Looking forward to building my kalk reactor next, just have to find a decent stir motor.
  13. Reactor Body Output valve Assembled Unit
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