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  1. Same happened to me before, my bubble anem walked into a MP10 and was chopped to pieces, some so small I spent hours trying to get them out. I would refrain from HUGE water changes, and definitely start Carbon (THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL) and Chemi-Pure if you have it. Based on your filtration setup, I recommend washing out/changing the filter socks, sponge pads, etc. tonight and tomorrow. If nothing is "suffering", you might have dodged the bullet... Keep calm, breath, show some extra TLC to the tank.
  2. ORP probe added to Apex. My ORP has been steadily going up, it is around 200 now. I do not want to implement an Ozone reactor, how else can I bring the ORP up? read about Carbon also having the same effect. Any ideas? Suggestions? Advice? Matt
  3. Moved the uv light inside of the return pipe. Much happier with that since now I know all water goes through UV and it is discretely setup. No light emulation what so ever into the sump. Also installed the BRS dosers as I will need to start dosing soon, at least Alk Close up pic. Blue is for Alk and red is for Calc (stuck with my Hannah tester colors) 5 gal water change and filter sock change today.
  4. The UV light arrived last night. I installed it in the first chamber of the SUMP. Running it from 9am until 9pm at the moment. I was considering maybe inserting it into one if the return pipes, any ideas? Also, added three (final three) new fishes to the tank yesterday: A juvenile Maroon Clown to mate up with my female in the tank. (she did not like it at first, now she is getting used to the little one. Hopefully he will not have jumped out the tank when I get home since I haven't had a chance to build the net yet...) A firefish A dotted blenny
  5. That floating rock looks BAD ASS! What an innovative idea! M
  6. Ammonia reads 0ppm as of last night and there has been some decline in Alk to 7.9 I dosed some Alk solution to bring it up to around 9. I am holding off for Calc since there are almost no SPS in the tank and the consumption is no where near I would need to dose at this time. After I acquire some more SPS, I will see what the daily consumption is over a period of a week and adjust the BRS dosers as needed. Purchase Updates: 1. Couple of Zoas from other WAMAS members 2. SPS frags waiting to be picked up (2 so far) 3. Ordered BRS filter socks to start changing the socks out weekly with water changes 4. Ordered BRS Alk and Calc mixers to dose 5. Ordered a UV light off of Amazon. Here is the link and a photo: This little guy is going to go in the first chamber of the sump where I keep my filter media. I am going to retrofit it into a PVC pipe with a powerhead and will run it on a timer with the Apex. BUSY WEEK already!
  7. Thanks for that suggestion, I never knew. Will be ordering some soon.
  8. Here are some pics during feeding time. Lots of tentacles reaching out for the food. I might move the two tiny Gold Maxima clams I have off the sand since the sand sifting critters keep moving them. Any thoughts? PS: Does anyone know the secret to taking not-so-blue pictures with the iPhone? It seems that doesn't matter how high the whites LEDs are running, my iPhone always catches the blue lights.
  9. Looking good. Love variety of colors in your tank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Installed sound proofing in the sump this afternoon. It reduced down the nose around 20 decibels. Woo-hoo! On a related note, my maroon clown is moving the sand with her tail every 5-10 min. Looked it up and it means she is getting ready to nest. Hence, we are now looking for eligible bachelors. Hehe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Should I replace the AI prime HD with a Kessil 360W? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Moved some things to the new tank tonight after a 5 gal water change and ammonia reading at 0 ppm. Just realized that I cannot post videos here. Gotta find a way. Ordered the cleaning crew which is arriving tomorrow. This is finally getting more exciting after months of contemplating and prep! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I am thinking about switching to a Kessil360W from my AI Prime HD but I have a Reefer 170 with an open setup so there won't be anything to cool with the main tank. I was considering installing one fan inside the SUMP to move air around.
  14. Looking good. Love all that space you have in your SUMP.
  15. Looking good! I have been debating whether or not to install fans on the back of the SUMP chamber where there is an opening but honestly we do not want to listen to a fan in the living room at all. Do you have heaters in the back chamber?
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