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  1. Hi Tom, I sent you a PM about the discussion with AWI. the TDS fluctuates at random as a matter of fact when I go to flush the unit it starts to rise. We replaced the membrane and still. I'll double check everything you've mentioned. when I turn on a faucet the knocking and vibration sounds stop and come back again. If you come up with anything else, please let me know. Thank you. J
  2. I need some guidance on how to trouble shoot what's been happening with my Typhoon III. I've replaced all filtration including membrane. My TDS is jumping all over the place. It goes up to 49 and down to 5. DI resin has been replaced. It also makes a very loud knocking noise. The unit has been working fine up until a month ago. It is hooked up to my sump through a float valve. Purchased new in 2009. Someone mentioned I may need to replace a connector. I've already spoken with AWI but want your input on this. Thank you.
  3. Can an admin please correct my typo in the subject from make to male, please. Thank you..
  4. she started to change about 9 days ago but this week she's really moving fast. got stripes, tail got longer and she's darker.. I've had this one for about 3 years now. I introduced a smaller one about 6 months ago. both females..
  5. This beauty is in a shop in the UK. One of my members was asking for an ID. Has caused a little excitement with some experts here. Something they've seen before, but without blood work no one knows for sure. What say you? Possible aberrant of what? Possible hybrid/cross with what? Copps will know...
  6. The cleaner wrasse is also skimming the top.. have you checked your parameters?
  7. We shall see. I've only had it 2 whole days. I don't think it will be too difficult. I purchased 3 dozen ghost shrimp that I'm acclimating to SW and feeding spirulina flakes to so I'll have a constant food supply for it. I've also added 1 dozen small hermit crabs to its tank. This octopus is very very small, 6" from tentacle to tentacle with a head about the size of a quarter, maybe even smaller. The tank I have it in has a glass cover that sits on 4 tabs. I've glued astrturf all around the lid because apparently octopus don't like the feel or can't grip onto astroturf and carpet. Whatever the case it doesn't like it so when it touches the astroturf it backs off. It has scoped out the place and tried to get out through the intake so I also added a piece of egg crate and placed a huge clump of cheato to it. the openings are too small for it to fit through. So all possible escapes are secured. I've added a small plastic spice jar to the tank with a lid, some pvc pipe and a glass dome so it occupies itself. I'll be picking up some legos for it to. they like to play and are very curious. It has lots of macro algae to hide under. these octopus like to hide under and in macroalgae. They are also fairly new to the hobby and highly sought after because they are very active. I'll check water several times a week to see how nitrate levels are so I can gauge water changes.
  8. Yes I did, Dip. I'm the crazy tank lady . I purchased this 110 in March. It took a couple of months to cycle this one. It was the longest cycle I've ever experienced. Had some issue with diatom from the crappy sand. I got the sand from someone. Took the sand out and no more issues. 8 months later it's looking the way I like, but i do not like this tank. It is too tall for me.
  9. 4.5 hours? I'm in South Florida 50 mins North of Miami. You are welcome to stop by. Just let me know.
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