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  1. Wow they need to edit the pic
  2. Really? Do a lot of people recommend this? What does it do exacty?
  3. I have the L3 AND i LOVE IT!!! I have only had it about a month. Remember you only will have 4 ports and that is it. So that doesn't seem like a lot to me. The L3 is great. I am going to buy another port for my pumps.
  4. Welcome. Also do you have noscript or something through Firefox? If so unblock the sight.
  5. I just bought some two weeks ago and they are fine. So is the sps. I got some fish before and yep they are dead but tried again this time so lets see how that goes. They are very nice guys.
  6. Can I still get a discount without a card. I haven't gotten one sent to me.
  7. Add me to the list of people still waiting on a card.
  8. Also I have a 400 w and two fans dedicated with my tank. It stays around 78 so far. Also the canopy i just built (not as nice as yours) is open. How do you keep yours so cool?
  9. Boret, I love your corner tank. I have one. Any advice because they have their own special challenges.
  10. Thanks but I haven't got my card yet. LOL I want to help SOME of these stores out because they are so nice. Ashburn is a hike for me so when I go there I need to make sure I get what I want. My old store in DE i would just order the things I needed and they would charge me a small amount more than I would fine online. But you have to do what is best for your business because that is what they are in business for, to make money.
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