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  1. Supreme Reefs


    Hey Laura, Please PM your email, we have an exclusive newsletter for the locals
  2. Supreme Reefs

    Supreme Reefs eye candy thread

    Aussie Highlighter
  3. Supreme Reefs

    Supreme Reefs eye candy thread

    SR Ragnarok
  4. Supreme Reefs

    Custom tank discount special

    Last call for this special to get 20% off, if you are looking to get a new system now is the time to get one as this deal is most likely to be a one time thing We will be having a 20% off of custom tanks and stands from Custom Aquariums only in October, orders must be placed by October 31st to be eligible for the discount. Send me your tank and stand specs you would like to be built for you. This discount rarely happens, so it is a great time to take advantage! Also depending on size of the tank this can be delivered to your residence. We will extend the sale another week Some things to consider: -Overflow style and placement -Holes for returns -Painted black panels on tank -Adjustable legs for iron stand -Painted black plywood for iron stand -Color of cabinetry Please email Ben@supremereefs.com for your quote Also if you are not on our exclusive newsletter for special updates and sales, please PM me your email
  5. Supreme Reefs

    Sunday sale!

    Fish, inverts, and corals 15% off until 6pm! Heavily stocked up on clean up crew Tons of corals available Lots of healthy fish ready for new homes!
  6. Supreme Reefs

    Fall Clean-up Flash Sale!

    Today we will be open for these hours 2pm-5pm and during that time, take advantage of our flash sale! Fish and inverts 25% off Coral frags and colonies buy 4 get 1 free. You can mix and match, lowest amount are the freebies Also if you haven't joined our mailing list for exclusive offers and updates, please PM me your email
  7. Supreme Reefs

    Supreme Reefs eye candy thread

    Hallucinations SR Megamans Nightcrawlers
  8. Supreme Reefs

    Labor Day Sale!

    Labor day sale! 12-3pm 10% off livestock Those that purchased anything over the weekend, come back for double the discount 20% off livestock
  9. Supreme Reefs

    Check out this beauty!

    Introducing The SR Ragnarok! This one has been cooking for 3+ years now!
  10. Supreme Reefs

    Supreme Reefs eye candy thread

    Mayan Sun Favia
  11. Supreme Reefs

    Supreme Reefs eye candy thread

    SR Supafly Blasto
  12. Supreme Reefs

    Supreme Reefs eye candy thread

  13. Supreme Reefs

    Grand Opening raffle

    Awesome!! and thank you!! :D
  14. Supreme Reefs

    Supreme Reefs eye candy thread

    Check out this insane Bower!
  15. Supreme Reefs

    Ebay auctions and store hours!

    Yes its $35